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    RX7 mirror gaskets

    Hi guys, another source of mirror is 1990-93 Oldsmobile 88,i got a set at a pickapart in Louisville. I posted them on here somewhere. Cheers Ali
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    Mclaren M8b replica (visual)

    Hi Russel, Have you tried to get a heavy wall hollow bar that would save you lots of machining. Am enjoying your build thread. Cheers Ali
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    LSD for A02 gearbox

    would anybody know of an LSD to fit OA2 gearbox which I think is a getrag 6mtl380 box, would prefer something off the shelf or would there be something transferable out of another box or diff without too much engineering work. Cheers Ali
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    012 billet side cover

    Hi, sounds like something Chris(flatchat) could do for you and not to far to go. Cheers Ali
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    01E Rod type shifter

    try Jim C cheers Ali
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    Mystery Front Uprights

    Hi Stev, they look abit like aussie Cortina ,not sure whether they came in 5 stud though I have 4 stud spares for my car adapted to take holden monaro hubs.maybe the six cylinder cars had 5 stud. cheers Ali
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    Is Transaxle alignment OK?

    Hi Colin, I believe you require all of that misalignment so your cv joints do not operate in one spot internally,i think my car would have close to could search to see if you can some photos of drive lines. Cheers Ali
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    adaptor plate dimensions

    Flatchat is your man , Chris did a nice job for my Audi AO2 gearbox. Ali
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    8 stack throttle linkages

    Hi Keith, I think if you space your two link arms further apart you will acheive better opening. Randys right to you need to be pulling closer to a right angle at the arm. I made a wheel for my cable to pull around and it works great,check out my entry under induction manifold with throttle...
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    Never Seen A 3 Rotor Before

    Hi guys, if you are interested in ROTORS check out Pulse performance race engineering down in NZ cheers Ali
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    How to identify an Audi transaxel

    Hi Graeme, I could help you out with an 01e if that would suit you. My email is [email protected]. cheers Ali
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    Roaring Forties 105

    Hi Jim, The master at it again A mate,its amazing see what you are producing here. Did you think about putting an integral roll/safety frame into the spider,you could afford to make spider fatter to except tube and i think it would not be as intrusive in cabin. Any way this from a mere...
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    Anyone got 18/19" wheels?

    here is my car on 18"' wheels 295/35/18 rears and 225/40/18 fronts.hope this is of some use,Simmonds by the way cheers Ali
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    Ali Greys RF107

    thanks for all the comments guys,had a reasonable day on it today considering one eye was on the great race i took the tv down to the shed. cheers Ali
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    Ali Greys RF107

    a few more photos, getting towards total fully reassembled
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    Ali Greys RF107

    sorry hopefully here they are,
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    Ali Greys RF107

    had a day at the car today assembling painted parts,having abit of trouble realigning gaps back to how they were prior to painting,hopefully it will come back with time and a few hot days.anybody else experienced the same ,the painters said they didnt bake it much at all.anyway a few photos to...
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    Ali Greys RF107

    this is abit late really but better late than never.i am starting to see some light at the end of my so far five and a half years of a few photos to you all what i have been up to lately. cheers Ali
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    Early CAV with 302 crate motor...Audi 5000 5 speed...what should I do???

    Hi Sean, ring Jerry Janzing in Louisville he has some 01e boxes 5023960672. cheers Ali