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    1st RCR Go-Kart

    looks awesome!!!
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    A drive with my 40 on Sunday

    Very nice,If we did that in the states we would probably be put in jail.
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    GT40 looses control

    That sounds sweet!!!
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    Looks like it replaces the front cover on the engine and has brackets for acces. built in.
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    a very nice movie

    Just don't take it as true,because he is a self appointed expert.[typical never worked in his life politician]
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    First RCR40 on the road!!!!!

    Way to go Ron!!!
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    some people just have too much money!

    Must be nice to be able to afford cars like that!
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    GT40 Manufacturers-Choice

    I learned my lesson after getting screwed by the old Roaring Forties[Robert Logan] to never send your hard earned money out of the country.You have very little chance of recovering anything.Why order out of the country when there is a great company in Detroit.[RCR]
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    RF Parts Stolen

    Maybe it was Robert Logan,as we all know he's a thief.
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    Ford /Shelby Paint Codes

    Are those the colors Ford used on original GT-40s?
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    Superformance Ford GT MkII

    Do you have the blue color #s,I really like that shade.It looks like a cop car in the background,already get stopped? Looks great!!!
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    Another busy day at RCR

    A couple of ?s,do all your cars come with spare tires mounted to the back or is this an option? In all your haste did you forget the body on the last one? Seriously ,you and your workers are doing a great job.Take care.
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    GT40s Admins

    Thanks,this is the best site I go to everyday! keep up the great work!
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    Hello all from Connecticut

    No worry there,I have never heard of a problem with Cobra bumpers,and some don't have any.
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    Hello all from Connecticut

    Ct. is a pain to deal with,if they inforce the new emission specs they are basicly outlawing kit cars in this state.If you follow the ClubCobra site you will see we are trying to get a bill passed to exempt kit cars from any emissions testing.We haven't gotten a date when the bill will be...
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    UK RCR - JayPSC

    What do you guys use to bond these kind of brackets in?
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    Distributor drive gear on a Windsor engine

    I know they are taking the zinc out of reg. car oils,does anybody know if they are doing it to synthetics to?
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    Finding all Ct. USA members?

    Thanks guys,I'll send a copy of this to our rep., as it makes a lot of good common cents.