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  1. bill kearley

    Compact Distributer

    In addition, for Borla 8 stack I used Holly control and a MSD dual sync distributor. In hind site it may have been easier to use a crank trigger as I had to shorten the distributor shaft and lower the trigger wheel to fit under the fuel rails. Before I went to all this trouble I did call MSD and...
  2. bill kearley

    Compact Distributer

    You will have room if running a carb but the height will be a problem it you go to the Borla 8 stack. The interference is with the fuel rails not the firewall, at least on a CAV
  3. bill kearley

    Jokes anyone? -

    Hook, line and sinker
  4. bill kearley

    Adventure RV

    200 hour oil changes are the key to on highway Cat engines especially with HEUI pumps. My first 3406B I rebuilt at 20000 hr. and 1.5 mil. miles. as it turned out I could have gone 2 mil. And we wont talk about the failed ACERT systems !!!!!
  5. bill kearley


    Depending what you like to do Lee, you may not find to many short comings. Front St. was the nicest place I'v ever visited, food, music, history and sunsets. We also stay on the north west area about, 15 minutes from Lahaina near the golf course, a nice area and over 23 years, about 15 times...
  6. bill kearley


    We just got back from Maui, what a mess but still a great place to visit. Clean up is going well but the state of mind is sad, some services are limited. I will continue to go every year and hope the people can get back to work and living as before without government and big money takeover /...
  7. bill kearley

    SUPERFORMANCE GT40 Owners Manual

    Lets understand the difference between a owners manual and a build manual
  8. bill kearley

    Fuel tank connections

    Mortin, If it's what I think it is, what kind of filler hose is that ?
  9. bill kearley

    Dolly size for RCR40 chassis

    Those are nice. They'll be handy for many jobs in the future.
  10. bill kearley

    Another Bleeding Problem

    Air bleeds in the right places, problem solved!
  11. bill kearley

    Jokes anyone? -

    Definition of dilemma................. I'm in a hotel room with only 1 bed and three people, One hot chick on one side of me and some other guy on the other. I'm in the middle. Who do you turn your back on ??
  12. bill kearley

    Dolly size for RCR40 chassis

    I'm considering another hoist or lift of some sort because of a poor shop plan. 1 24 ft. door on the end of a 30 x 60 foot deep shop. 4 cars and room for winter storage and room to play means castors are used under a number of things. I'm happy with the Bendpac HD9 hoist. A castor kit is...
  13. bill kearley

    Dolly size for RCR40 chassis

    I made one the same as Randy's but out of steel but 14 inches high but still a bit tight using a creeper, a couple more inches would be better. It worked very well for the GT40 as well as the Cobra
  14. bill kearley

    Recommendations for US vacation around the 60th anniversary in July 24

    Cheep, small, and good fuel economy will also work. But I also would never rent from SIXT RENT A CAR.....
  15. bill kearley

    Streetable Eight Stack

    I'm happy with my Borla and Holly management
  16. bill kearley

    Sweet new CAV with a bad taste from one of the family members

    I don't know what I'm talking about but couldn't paypal come to the party. I'm sure they could find the bank and the ripoff artist.
  17. bill kearley

    Rear clam shell shock

    Could this idea be what you are looking for !! It works very well for me on my CAV
  18. bill kearley

    John Horsman

    Love it Neil, thank you