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    straight up - freaked me out too - only thing that was where we were - in his office car park - was a cctv camera - and it was flashing and bleeping away! cost him bout £1000 so id expect it! want it to find the nearest toilet for that price!
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    i was out in my friends 911 turbo the other week - he had one of those small boxes on his dash board - i was amazed at what it picked up!! - not only gatzo - traffic lights - zebra crossings - but cctv cameras too!!!
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    hi patrick - my advice would be get yourself a camera/gatzo detector - one of teh better ones they are great and totally legal! un like this stuff - where if you get caught they might not get your palte but a lot of policemen might start looknig for a yellow gt40 - cant be mayn of those around...
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    What car is This

    rob your good!! how do you do it from that pic? im intrigued????
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    the best GT40 kit

    so which cars are best for those criteria you have lsited 40bud??
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    hiya dave_B - a true northerner hey! Have a great time building that baby mate!
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    Overnight Touring with a GT40

    im told clothes come out pressed and warm! jsut make sure theres nothing heat volatile in there and you home free!
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    Overnight Touring with a GT40

    the original cars did have luggage comparts - a primative boot - either side of the exhaust mufflers - these can be fabricated and a guy i know has done it to his - see pic - all of the above is also a good idea![] as for parking - remove the steering wheel...
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    yeah i hadthat feeling!
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    Le Mans Classic 2004 Max's 'Personal' Diary

    Re: Le Mans Classic 2004 Max\'s \'Personal\' Diary NICE one!!!! so wana be there next year! great pics mate - looks awesome - how do we see the video?
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    'Bowl Trays' & Flame Arresters

    Re: \'Bowl Trays\' & Flame Arresters right that explains it! the 289s are no longer available! 302 it is then
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    'Bowl Trays' & Flame Arresters

    Re: \'Bowl Trays\' & Flame Arresters whilst your on the topic of building a 289 replica - can u take a momoent to explain to me why most people chose to go for a 302 engine even though when i study the specs of the originals i see they were either 289 or 427.......?
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    Stolen car

    im in agreement about the trackers!!! here in Uk it cost about £600 ($800 i think) and even comes with curtesy car and break down cover - if your cars nicked u jsut phone em and tell em - they then tell the police where it is and there go right to it! they can even put the tracker in your fuel...
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    Some statistics - we're doing pretty good!!!!!!

    Re: Some statistics - we\'re doing pretty good!!!!!! Yeah ron - im guessing that with Fords arrival of the 'GT' it will create a lot of interest in the gt40......hence more members! just a thought.......what do you think? (also more people will of course found the site who couldnt give a...
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    GT40 owners how old are you guys..

    bit of an odd question james?
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    fancy doing Gumball 3000 in your GT40

    Re: black gt for sale with silver stripes, 2005 so how did we manage to do that? p.s - u like your motors hey!
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    fancy doing Gumball 3000 in your GT40

    Re: black gt for sale with silver stripes, 2005 ron - you nean we conned the americans?? huh? Dan
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    fancy doing Gumball 3000 in your GT40

    Re: black gt for sale with silver stripes, 2005 only way you could do gumball in a 40 is if u were very wealthy and your car was professionally built using totally new parts! 3000miles flat out and reckless driving! big money! deffinately a millionaires holiday thrill--- afterall if you can do...
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    Help - KVA GT40????

    yeah - thanks for that guys - i deffinately like the idea of getting a completed car cos i dont have the time but am very willing to learn once ive got the car. so if i was to go for a car thats a bit more original - say a gtd with a ford engine (302) what kinda prices will i be paying? seen a...
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    Help - KVA GT40????

    hi guys (and girls maybe) - thought id jsut take a moment to pick your brains on the KVA gt40 - ive being looking around and have seen 1 that might be up for sale soon - its a kva but has had most bits changed away from the cortina/sierra bits - Are these any good?? what would one pay for...