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    A Scoundrels Car and a Hooligans Boat. All together.

    This will be great for the floods here in Somerset Jerry
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    The Reform Club, formerly known as GOWG

    Kieth, I'm white, I feel old, I'm grumpy and I'm a guy. Whats the minimum age to be able to join your great club?? I wouldn't want to be too young for it... Jerry
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    On the Serpentine. Well , on the bridge.

    Hi, I reckon Davids views do represent the majority of the population. I like the aussie atitude of if you dont like our way of life then bugger off. Shame this messege isnt part of the imigration process here... Jerry
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    Easy 'repair' for rechargeable batteries

    Hi All, I've used a starter/charger, designed for starting cars with flat batterys, to save ni-cad drill batterys. Connect up the starter/charger to the drill battery, set it as you would to start a flat car and give it a few second burst at about 50 amps. Try it back in the drill charger...
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    Gun Identification Question

    Mmmm, looks like the girl on the right overdid her spray-tan and has gone and smeared it...
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    as bad as Jimmy Saville.

    Hi, As a father i think a hangmans noose should be aquainted with them all. Sod the human rights crys from the do-gooders. Where were the human rights of the girls? Jerry
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    Hi, Happy New Year to you all. Enjoy those 40's Jerry
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    Pictures of GT40's members and their cars

    Hi, Heres a picture of me with the RF. I'm the one with no head next to the car! Jerry
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    Hooray! Drive Thru Sha**ing!

    I like how the write up says"first come-first served". Surely it should be- first served-first come.....
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    Goodwood On TV Tonight

    Hi, Well worth going to Goodwood circuit to watch. Definatly the best motorsport I've ever been to in over twenty years. Fantastic racing and absoloutly amazing atmosphere. Well worth the effort to get dressed up in 40's/50's/60's outfits. Jerry
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    Long riv nut inserts needed

    Hi, What about spot facing the back of the bracket around the hole to effectivly thin the bracket down enough to allow fitment of your exsisting nut-serts? Just a thought...... Jerry
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    gt40 owners near bristol uk

    Hi, Burnham-On-Sea area in Somerset. Jerry
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    Brake pipe flaring tool

    Hi, Take a look on E-bay for Sykes-Pickavant brake pipe flaring tools. £150 ish. Had mine for years and gives perfect flares every time on copper nickle or steel pipe. Cam action rather than the fiddly screw in type. Jerry
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    Salvation Through Jesus Christ -- Prayer

    Hi, I had my nuts in the garden for all the lovely Tits to nibble on, but unfortunatly a big nasty Badger came along and ripped my nuts off and ate them. The poor Tits are now nutless.... Jerry
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    Stoneleigh this weekend

    Hi, I'll be there with the RF regardless of the weather. Jerry
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    Hylomar Gasket Sealer

    Hi, Lick your finger before spreading it out- stops the hylomar from sticking to the skin.(dont lick after though,it tastes horrible). I,ve used hylomar many times from engines ranging from Rolls Royce Olympus jet engines to the Austin A series engine. With no gasket,if the surfaces arn't flat...
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    Kit Car show @ Stoneleigh this weekend

    Hi all, I'll be there in the RF regardless of what the weather conditions are! This is the one show I wont miss. Will the membership tent be there though? Forgot to renew the club membership as tied up in house moves. Jerry
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    How do you define a kit car?

    Hi, To me, a "kit car" is an amature buildable vehicle, ie. a car that can be built by a private individual, from a supplied kit of parts or a scratchbuild. the fact that some of these amature buildable vehicles are built by professionals on behalf of the amature private individual dosn't...
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    Let's see if I got this right..

    Hi, I wish one of the UK goverment ministers had the balls to say the same as Australian Treasurer Peter Costello. Jerry
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    Stoneleigh Kit Car Show UK GT40 pictures

    Max, You forgot one- Roaring Forties. The black 40 in the front row between the blue and white cars. Jerry