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    To the GT40 owner I saw in Preston....

    The registration was an old style "D" if that helps. I didnt even look if it was a he or she driving.
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    To the GT40 owner I saw in Preston....

    If you saw an idiot in a mondeo drooling over your GT40 at the junction of Water lane this lunchtime then it was me. sorry. Gulf colours too. Well i'm jealous. Then again I reckon many on here are (who dont have a 40 yet I mean). At least I have the wifes permission to save up anyway, just...
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    Tornado_Mr A.S.!!

    plus there is plenty you can be doing in the meantime, engines need to be built, transmissions sorted, wife placated etc.
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    At the moment just a wannabe :)

    I havent yet purchased my Tornado kit but the funds have nearly been put aside. I have no experience of building cars but I have restored a few motorcycles and understand pain sweat and threat of divorce. I plan on the tried trusted 302/R21T route from a Tornado kit base. I know it will...