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    ***SOLD*** SLC for sale in Canada ***SOLD***

    What are the rules if it was driven in the US then sold while in the US. Would it pose problems registering the car or for the person selling it.
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    If your co driver can't make it, I'll make myself available. Glad your helping a great cause.
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    My SLC in black camo

    Looks wicked
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    Show us your GT40!

    I love the color!
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    RCR GT40 or SLC in Georgia?

    I should be in Milledgeville GA (near Macon, GA) next weekend October 19-21 and was wondering if there were any RCR's in the area? - Theon
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    Ron, Where in MD do you live? I am in Rockville they had a really big show Oct 15 but no GT40s...

    Ron, Where in MD do you live? I am in Rockville they had a really big show Oct 15 but no GT40s. They did have 8 panteras with another almost 600 cars it was good show. Theon
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    Road and Track on the GT40

    Ford GT40 Design - Why So Purty - Road & Track
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    W.M.D.s loaded into Syrian bombs.

    Do we really believe what we are told. Isn't that how we got into Iraq believing in WMD that they never found. Is this just an excuse to get involved there? The next thing I am sure you will here is Iran fires upon an aircraft carrier of ours and we attack them.
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    Does anyone legitimate seriously doubt it anymore?

    The data I would like to see would be perhaps 10 glaciers and how far they receded each year over a 100 period. If I saw that data it seems it would be conclusive one way or the other. If we saw a solid rate of recession increasing every year not being just cyclical then that should be conclusive.
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    Senna vs Schumacher

    The question in on the merit of who you think can post the fastest lap time in equal cars. You can even qualify the answer on the basis of it was a certain type of car or type of weather or circuit whatever. For example someone mentioned Senna in the rain, and I agree no one touches Senna in the...
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    Senna vs Schumacher

    Thanks for responding, I am looking forward to other answers. I also believe Senna to be the fastest ever. I grown up watching his races and he was my favorite driver. It is hard to debate drivers from different eras or teams because it is often never equal footing head to head of course. Theon
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    Senna vs Schumacher

    Who do you think is the faster driver. Here is the criteria. If given equal cars which driver would post the faster time. If you want to elaborate on Senna in one type of car or Schumacher in another (i.e. computer assist or non assist or another category feel free to elaborate). Theon
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Cliff, I so agree the Alfa is gorgeous
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    RCR's new car..962

    What is that red car to the side of it in the video?
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    Any SLCs in Florida?

    Wayne, Sent you a PM. - Theon
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    Any SLCs in Florida?

    Tim, I just moved to Florida this summer. I am around Hood and Military. Theon
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    Any SLCs in Florida?

    Molleur, How far are you from Palm Beach Gardens?
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    Secrets of the FED and world bankers

    A very interesting movie is Inside Job narrated by Matt Damon.
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    Opinions on the most beautiful cars of all time

    I would like to gather some opinions from this forum on which cars they consider the most beautiful of all time. The criteria should be based on: 1. Overall beauty 2. How revolutionary it was at the time. 3. How it holds up to the test of time. To start us off with I will provide 1. GT40...