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    MSD Ignition or Weber Carb Issue?

    Re: Distributor gear fail Put a timing light to it.
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    Help! Engine Malfunction - Need Advice

    Dist gear roll pin sheared was the first thing that popped into my head.
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    302 Engine and Carb issues

    Since your idle screws are 1 1/4 out or so. Try cranking them all in a 1/2 a turn or more. See if that changes the vibration around. Did any of the carbs need more or less ( Big difference ) air than the others. What distributor do you have. MSD pickups get filthy. Whats your initial and...
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    Issue with Parts Vendor - Seeking Advice

    He was not banned. He was given a 5 point infraction for violating forum rules.
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    Weber IDA Jetting

    Are you running anykind of filter screens right now?
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    individual Weber screens

    Deffinately have to rejet the carbs with the layer of foam. I would guess two sizes or maybe more. Someone could use the gromets for mesh or whatever. The screen size I have is the 2.75 inch ones.
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    individual Weber screens

    9 screens, I had eight and one flew off after a back fire. So I had to buy two more. As you can see I safety wired them in pairs. Saves from losing another one. I had to take out the foam to get my carbs right, foam still included. Then I just bought air filters instead...
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    individual Weber screens

    I ended up putting air filters on my cobra's motor. I have 9 Redline screens ( Rubber seal/Foam/screen ) for sale if anyone wants them. They were on my 48 IDF's. $80 Shipped to lower 48.
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    Noise tomorrow (I think)

    Im all for burnouts, sand or asphalt. The only time I ever cringe is watching those drag boats flip over and the motor is gone. I don't think Ive ever seen a wrecker boat pulling up a motor from Ole' Davey Jones Locker.
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    It's official: the Lunatics have taken over

    OMG, I keep pinching myself on this one. "The police won't act" I would have only called them if he came back. :)
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    ZF connected to ?

    Those look great John. I have an extra set of stock covers like those, if anyone wants to pay shipping for them.
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    ZF connected to ?

    The heads look like they have three bars on them = GT-40 Irons. Which would be Fox Mustang/Lightning/Early Exploder heads.
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    weber 48 idf's jets help

    331/48 IDF's 9 1/2 CR Mild cam Factory 40 mm Venturis 1.80 Corrector F2 Tubes 1.50 Main 50 Pump jet 55 Idle I had 65's Idle jets but they were way too rich, I went down to 55's and all is well. Working with the acc pumps right now...
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    IDF Weber set up from

    Congrat's on the early Christmas ! I just use what works. Ford Duraspark and the Mallory 6AL. Just make sure you use the right gear. MSD and and such are easier to dial in. ( Have to spot weld the Duraspark to get the total timing right.) Not a big deal. Seems lately people have run into...
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    Crankcase ventilation

    (Again this is a my cobra J pipe.) But gives you an idea. The "nipple" is welded into the J pipe about 3/4 inside. The end of the nipple has a 45 degree cut on the end. So the open potion of the nipple faces toward the direction the exhaust is going. When the gases go around the end of the...
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    Crankcase ventilation

    Like what Kieth says above I use a exhaust scavenge system on my Cobra. ( I have webers.) Both valve covers are vented to the exhaust. A 5/8 pipe welded into the collector, one for each valve cover. A one way valve keeps any pressure coming back to the valve covers. You could run lines from...
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    IDF Weber set up from

    Ditto what Chuck says. You'll be able to fugure out what you need once you go through some tuning. Don't sweat the jets for now < HaHA.
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    IDF Weber set up from

    Congrat's Dave, Make sure you get an Air Sync tool also. Your gonna love the WoW factor and the throttle response.
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    IDF Weber set up from

    ThanX Chuck & Dave. Dave, I just used the push on hose from a local hydraulic shop. With Earl's barbed fittings and Auto Zone band style clamps. I couldn't get black hose at the time so I used blue. Im partial to plain jane looks. The kit from ractep seem priced ok especially if its the...
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    IDF Weber set up from

    Adjusting can be done with "finger/thumb" or the "Two index finger method." Either way, theres not really any problem doing it. I use medical clamp thingy's to get at the acc pump nut. Don't waste your money on filter screens. They choke the carbs beyond adjustability. Im working on a air...