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    Le Mans Parade 2011

    Nothing amazing but I have a couple of GT40 pics from the parade!
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    Tornado Build -

    Glad to see your progressing again Trevor! Cars looking very tidy.
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    Tornado Build -

    have you got any little cleko clamps? great for putting on your mates ear while he's distracted... Build looks good!
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    spotted! gulf coloured 40 on the old a1!

    Who ever you are your car looks stunning and sounds amazing! Over took us in the misses silver aygo Just outside knottingly.
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    Tornado Build -

    Use a sharp drill bit! Sounds obvious buts its surprising how many people I see struggling on with a knackered bit that leaves a shoddy finish.
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    Tornado Build -

    Looking sweet mate!! Very jealous, hoping to put my order in this year but im still saving my pennies!
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    floor pan

    Im still in the planning/fund raising/getting permission from the misses stage but im planning on using either JC11 Celloseal or Duralac jointing compound. Both will protect against dissimilar metal corrosion and should give you some protection from water getting in through the floor pan aswell...
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    floor pan

    + 1 for 5251. Used it at work on some more robust aircraft panels, should work a treat for a floor pan! Its more like a mid-strength Ally and like Brett says its got good corrosion properties.
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    GT40 Racing, UK/Europe

    Cheers guys, just what I was after :)
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    Stocking my garage, what tools to get?

    Does no one use air drills as well as rivet guns? A pneumatic gun for your pop rivets is also pretty handy, not only quicker and saves your hand from cramp with all those rivet, but they also give a nice consistant well formed rivet.
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    Best GT40 replica for racing

    Do you have any links to the series you race in? Im too looking at a racing GT40 but cant seem to find any website info or regs.
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    life span of aeroquip fuel hose?

    We have aeroquip hoses fail quite often at work, seems to be when they have been left unused and dry for a while they seem quite happy to perish, like people have said already they are only rubber hoses under metal braiding at the end of the day.
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    GT40 Racing, UK/Europe

    Not sure if this should be in the racing section or not.. What series can you run a replica GT40 in the UK and/or Europe? Not sure if im being rubbish but I cant find any links or anything. Cheers!
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    Tornado Build -

    Great site Trevor! Got it bookmarked, just the kit im looking at getting hopefully sometime in the not too distant future! A nice late xmas present that is!
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    GT40 scratch build

    I had GAZ shocks on my old mini, worked a treat and at a good price for the quality you are getting!
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    Help for Heroes CAV GT40 Britcar 2009

    Nice one mate a quality cause, im a lowly civvi with the raf, work with a lot of guys and gals who have been to afghan recently. You racing your 40? Will try come down and cheer you on!
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    Scotland Tornado

    I want your garage! Good luck with your build, will be keeping an eye on it as im looking at getting the same kind of kit and bits from tornado.
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    SouthernGT No8

    nice one martin!! Sounds great, started nicely!
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    SouthernGT No8

    Are switches like that ok for IVA testing or do you need to put some guards around them first? Slightly off-topic things.... where do you stand with insurance or IVA cert/worthyness if you change your dash and other parts after you pass an IVA test? Does it invalidate anything? Are you 100%...
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    bonding cladding?

    Has anyone used PRC, as used in the aircraft world, to bond panels on their cars? Use tons of it at work for wet assembly, think its made by PPG.