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    Ordering Process for the new Ford GT

    Not sure of why all the hate for the TTV6.... it's gonna be awesome power, more so than any of the previous FGT offerings and all in a lighter weight package with great looks. I'd love to have a new one too, but sadly it probably won't come to pass. mardyn
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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    Looks like a great project to take over... sorry to hear Jim got so flustered, but his loss is your gain... I'm anxious to follow along as you complete the build of your SLC. Good Luck... I'm slightly jealous. mardyn
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    Unfinished 2013 SL-C #145 For Sale *SOLD*

    Re: Unfinished 2013 SL-C #145 For Sale Jim, would you send your contact info to me at: [email protected] Thx D Berry (mardyn)
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    Unfinished 2013 SL-C #145 For Sale *SOLD*

    Re: Unfinished 2013 SL-C #145 For Sale Are the SLCs designated with year models? IE: Is that a 2012 model or a 2013? ooops... forgive me, after closer reading, I see it's a 2013 model... mardyn
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    Rcr mk iv

    Those cars are simply beautiful... Fran I'll call you once a get a little further along with the thought process on my next project Thx for the info. mardyn
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    Rcr mk iv

    I'm considering options for my next project car. What is the status of the RCR MK IV series? Have any been completed? Anybody have pictures or links to active builds? Fran... talk to me? mardyn
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    New MK4s

    The only comment I can think of is "Wow"... mardyn
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    New MK4s

    What kind of price range would a MK IV replica as described above be in? Is there a web link for more info? (I tried a search on the forum to no avail) Thx mardyn
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    Naked Mk 1V

    Here are some pics of Kenny Thompsons Mk IV / J car Replicas Wow, those are some awesome photos... is there additional info available on these cars? How many $$? Very nice indeed. mardyn
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    Ford GT90, why build when you can buy!

    I was just looking at some old pics I took of that thing in Tulsa back in '95... It just doesn't have the aesthetic appeal of the classic GT40 shape. Quad turbo though, and a few other goodies might make it interesting. Any guesses what it might bring? $75K?? mardyn
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    GTD chassis, rip off?

    The fab work on that car looks pretty darn good to me, at least as good, if not better, than any GTD I've seen. mardyn
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    GT 40 New Production

    Not sure, but I think another small production run of Ford GT chassis' may have been confused with another run of complete vehicles. Not likely IMO. mardyn
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    Forum Member Ben Miller

    I too had dealt with Ben on some of his VIN tags. Have one set on my car right now and another extra set he sent at n/c on my desk. Sorry to hear of his passing. R.I.P. Ben mardyn
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    WTB: used up GT clutch assy

    Jay Brown had one he burned up pretty bad.... I'm sure it's still laying around his garage somewhere. I think you can contact him through the GT forum or the FE forum. mardyn
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    SPF Mark II @ KCM in Dallas

    Just a quick note to say I looked over the SPF MKII at Keith Craft in North Dallas on Saturday at the SCAT meeting. First one I've seen in person, but I was really impressed. Very nice interior, fit and finish were outstanding, doors opened and closed with a solid thump just like you want 'em...
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    indy 500 pics.

    try: The Ford GT Forum - Powered by vBulletin good luck, mardyn
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    indy 500 pics.

    I think the pics you're looking for are over on the Ford GT Forum... I'll try and post up a link later. mardyn
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    06 Gt #1955

    Very cool GT.... you'll love it I'm sure. Now, tell me about you four post lift. I'm seriously considering one for my garage . mardyn
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    GT40 - Speed Channel Behind the headlights

    Watched it last night... pretty good show, with a lot of vintage footage of the Red MKIV that won Lemans in '67... also had some pretty good interviews with the players from back then. Even a few minutes about the new Ford GT. Needed more info on the MK I & II development programs, but...
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    Mk IV in KarKraft shop 1967

    Great thread here guys... Tom, you've certainly have some interesting pics and unusual information... I'm diggin' on all the history lesson(s). Keep 'em coming. mardyn