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    Distributor that works with TWM/Borla 8-stack

    Thanks anyway Tom. Mick solved it! You have been ver helpful! Cheers Henrik
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    Distributor that works with TWM/Borla 8-stack

    OK - to be very specific - if someone has a MSD 8579 installed I would be very thankful if you can measure the height of it from where it goes down the block and up to the top with cables installed. Thanks Henrik
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    Distributor that works with TWM/Borla 8-stack

    Thanks Tom I did see that but what makes me suspicious towards MSD is that the stated the 8579 and 8479 to be 7 1/16 inch high and that the 84791 should be the same with the difference that it has a steel gear. I have now got it from MSD and it measures from block to top almost 8.3 inch! I...
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    Distributor that works with TWM/Borla 8-stack

    Hi Tom, Many thanks!! I have 331 and I guess I will use a standard silicon cable with a 90 degree spark plug terminal. The clearance between block where the dizzy goes down and underside of regulator is 195 mm or 7.68 inch. Thanks Henrik
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    GT40 Graveyard!!!

    I would not guess MK3 since it had a different exhaust system that was routed downwards and was not a cross over system. Very interesting find indeed!!! BR Henrik
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    Distributor that works with TWM/Borla 8-stack

    Hi guys, I am in need for advice to find a distributor that fits under the fuel rails of the TWM/Borla 8-stack system. I ordered a MSD 8479 with the belief that it would fit but it did not. I do not want do any more mistakes again so send the question to you guys as I know that some of you...
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    realistic build cost?

    Hi Daniel, My advice is to reserver at least 400KSEK for such project. It is good to make a budget and I believe you have done a decent job but there are more to it, but it is a good start. I have seen so many trying to build for less but it always ends up in big disappointment. My strong...
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    O1e Gearbox for sale

    Hej Marcus, Vilken version på 01e är det? Dvs,vilken tillägsbeteckning typ dqs eller liknande alternativt om du könner till utväxlingarna. Mvh Henrik Smedberg
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    IAC location on manifold

    I have it located between no 5 and 6 as on the pic below. Works fine. Br Henrik
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    Porsche 996 AWD conversion to RWD

    Hi Erik, Thanks for your support available. I also found out here locally that it is not big thing to convert it to RWD. However the whole gearbox has to be dismantled to modify the lubrication. We will see which path I will take concerning changing gearbox - Porsche vs. Audi. Regards Henrik
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    Porsche 996 AWD conversion to RWD

    Hi guys, An opportunity came up where a 996 AWD gearbox is for sale for a decent price. However this is a AWD gearbox. My question is if it is easy to convert this one to RWD without major rebuild? I have not seen it yet live and taken any measurements. I am afrait it might also be too long...
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    BEC starter ring Audi 01e

    Hi guys, I have purchased a Audi 01e transaxle with a adapter-plate from BEC. However I am missing the flywheel and is considering to manufacture a new locally here. Does anyone know what starter ring ( donator ) BEC are using? Regards Henrik
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    Help Please 930 Hydraulic conversion

    Hi Bill, Big thanks for your very thourogh explanation. This will be very helpful for me when I will rebuild the slave mechanism on my tranny. Until now I have used a pulling slave cylinder but the setup gives a very hard pedal to pressure. Once more - many thanks!!! Henrik
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    Help Please 930 Hydraulic conversion

    Thanks Bill, I would really appreciate some pictures. If you know the travel distance of the slave cylinder that would be very appreciated. BTW - also a lot of snowing here however thats more normal I guess than Georgia. We are also allowed to run studded tires which make it more safe and my...
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    Help Please 930 Hydraulic conversion

    Hi Bill, I like the way you done with the slave cylinder. What sizes are you using on master and slave cylinder? Thanks Henrik
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    Help Please 930 Hydraulic conversion

    One of the real benefits with flipping the transaxle is that you get a lower mounting position of the engine = better handling. You also get better angles on the driveshafts. So my advice is do not flip the crownwheel -flip the box. In my 915 box I have a gallon which gave a good oil level. I...
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    Building a GT40 in a virtual environment.

    Absolutely brilliant job done so far! I am impressed! Keep up the good work! Best regards Henrik
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    GT40 in Swedish Television

    Hi guys, I just want to share a clip from the Swedish TV show named "Biltokig" which might be "crazy about cars" in english. If you fastforward to 3.20 there is about 5 minutes about my car. There is also a fantastic report from a place in France later in the show that shows a place where...
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    Base Ignition Map Required - Ford V8

    Hi Andy, Here is the ignition map derived from a 5.0 HO. I use it in mildly ported engine. It can serve as a good starting point for you. Regards Henrik