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    Great service from Tornado.

    Tornado I put a deposit on a kit with Andy about 2 years ago. Well, after a divorce from "Hell". Missing about $350,000.00 from my business and just about going broke, I was finally able to pick up most of the business that had been devasted by my ex----. But, another time, another space and...
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    very cool product

    I have raced several races in open wheel cars. Barber Dodge, Formula Mazda mostly, last 3-5 years and an on board camera system is great for watching your race after the fact. But, as stated by a few others, all cameras had to be mounted on the roll hoop/bar. I have had a lot of races at a lot...
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    Shameless commercial exploitation - QuickTime Movie

    Cool spot!! You need a skate board or something like that to flip around or kick when you get out of the car!! Porsche will love it.
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    shipping to usa

    I ended up going with a Tornado kit. It will run me $1500.00 to get a roller sent to east Tennessee from the UK. The other kit I was considering was the DRB. Which would have ran me a little more than $3500.00. And you may be able to tell from my location, that I am closer to the east coast...
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    What oil are you all using?

    Hi Guys, I own a couple of non branded quick lubes and the things I could let you all in about oil companies and things of this nature. When you sell 25,000-35,000 gallons of oil in many makes and models yearly. You kind of get a totally different perspective of oil, oil companies and the whole...
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    Tornado_Mr A.S.!!

    I did my research, asked my questions, I spent tireless hours on my quest!! I finally ordered a GT40 kit from Tornado a few weeks ago. Did I find Andy to be a Mr. A.S., NO!! He seems to be a very honest and upfront business man!! I can't and don't understand all of his methods and the way he...
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    kit purchase questions

    Ok, I'm new to this site and would like a little input from people. I am planning on purchasing a 40kit, probable roller. I am leaning towards a Tornado kit at the present time. I like the prices on the cars, parts etc. I also have had a pretty favorable impression of Andy, so far. Are all of...