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    Steve - I recommend you talk to John at GTA (German Trans) in Portland area. I worked with them to develop the 3.22 to which you refer. Albins was the supplier that worked with GTA. You will likely not be able to get one direct from Albins in Australia as they had agreement with GTA. It's...
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    Old Roaring Forties Windup and Distribution?

    Received my dividend payment today in the form of a check - not a wire transfer. Check was dated 04-Jul-2008 so it appears payments occurred starting last week. Mitch
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    Roaring Forties Australian GT40 Replica Saga 1/2 Million USD Gone - Final Report?

    Ah, yes, Ross. Some kneecap therapy or perhaps a little chin music would be tasty. However, I prefer to do things in a legal manner. It is my contention that Robert Logan is personally liable for the losses suffered by us non-secured creditors. It is clear to me that he blurred the line...
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    RF Dividend?

    Ron - I received the latest correspondence and request for info on 6-Mar-08. Quick receipt considering it was mailed (airmail) from AUS on 3-Mar-08. The latest letter from Richard Cauchi mentions "I confirm that I have now realised sufficient assets in order to declare a first and final...
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    Roaring Forties Australian GT40 Replica Saga 1/2 Million USD Gone - Final Report?

    I'm planning a trip to aussie land later this year (2008). I'd appreciate any info on where I might find robert logan. Perhaps I can have a friendly chat with him. If you're reluctant to post publicly, feel free to PM me any info you might have. I can assure you of your privacy. MD
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    How did your Audi transaxle fail?

    Hey, Jim Dewar, glad to hear you are happy with your 016. I believe if you count the teeth on that R&P, you'll discover it's a 3.22. I know because it was me that worked with GTA to develop the new R&P. I believe GTA has upgraded a decent number of 016's out there, but not too many people...
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    Announcing Audi 016 with custom 3.17 R&P

    Re: Announcing Audi 016 with custom 3.17 R&P Tony M - the project went very well, thank you. As indicated earlier on this thread, production units were made and sold through GTA. As I stated from the beginning, I was not "in business" to sell these things, I merely provided the capital to get...
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    Front Tow Hooks

    Have a look at this footage from 1966. The red #3 appears to have tow hooks, but they appear to be the full-circle style. Also, near the end, the black #2 also shows the circular tow hooks. I love the grainy footage. Feels like the right vintage feel..... YouTube - Ford GT40 le mans 1966
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    ERA Chassis 2061

    She is beautiful! What's with the shift-boot around the gear select lever? Looks like it isn't screwed down. One other picky question - those tires?!? The tread looks like old alligator hide. Maybe they're just for show....
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    Oh Boy, Mk II - Is it real????

    Sweet fancy Moses! All that style and performance AND yet so practical with a serviceable "trunk" to stow your suitcase for your next trip! MD
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    GT40 in Troy, MI. Classic Auto Showplace

    GIO (James) - your explanation is interesting and perhaps is a bit more forthright telling of the details of this car than told by the saleman's website description. You do note that a "good part of the car is ERA," but you never quite tell us how much. What is the ERA part - the chassis...
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    Opinions requested

    Finish the build, take a couple drives around the block, then disassemble and get it into paint! You wouldn't send your girlfriend to a spa, have her get the full treatment - facial, hair, nails, massage, body wrap, blah blah blah, and then have her come home wearing sack-cloth would you...
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    GT40 in Troy, MI. Classic Auto Showplace

    I never heard back either, Ron. No surprise. I tend to agree with Rick's assessment - the "dealer" will simply say later when there's any question, "Hey, I only listed details based on the seller's comments." Anybody besides me wondering why the current owner/forum member didn't post it for...
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    Vintage Wheels 17 inch BRM delay

    Forgive me for continuing to stray on this thread.... Ian - check that post again, obvious Oliver-esque typos: statments revilation there instead of their Fran - actual GT question - do you have any sort of "builders manual" for the RCR GT that I could buy? Now that I'm over my...
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    GT40 in Troy, MI. Classic Auto Showplace

    Re: GT40 in Troy, MI. The sale-web-page also declares this is the the car Ford used in the "clayroom" alluding that this was particular example was used by stylists when designing the new GT. This is just too fun, but as always, this forum has the real die-hard fans that can ferret out...
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    GT40 in Troy, MI. Classic Auto Showplace

    Re: GT40 in Troy, MI. Just so noone gets me wrong - I have no issue with the price. The seller is free to ask whatever he wishes, and the buyer is free to pay whatever he can negotiate. My only issue is with the way this item is portrayed. Is it a "real GT40 MKI" or is it a "replica." The...
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    GT40 in Troy, MI. Classic Auto Showplace

    Re: GT40 in Troy, MI. Ian - you ready my mind, I did reply back to them saying that I found their info very interesting - I noted that I thought all Mk I's were right-hand-drive. I mentioned in my email to them that someone identified the pictures as an ERA, noting that ERA is a very fine...
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    GT40 in Troy, MI. Classic Auto Showplace

    Re: GT40 in Troy, MI. I actually heard from Classic Auto vis-a-vis my request for information. I wrote asking: "This Appears To Be A Very Nice Gt40 Replica. Can You Provide Any Specifics Such As the Chassis Manufacturer? Also, Most Importantly, What Is the Asking Price? (note that...
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    GT40 in Troy, MI. Classic Auto Showplace

    Re: GT40 in Troy, MI. Indeed, just like one would expect from a "used car salesman," the story on the site does seem to sneek around the issue: "It has been reconstructed utilizing extensive N.O.S. and spare GT40 components and finished with modern fabricated pieces. " Seems to me...
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    R&p For 016

    Cliff - does your hypothetical G50 for $4k come completely rebuilt including a torque sensing LSD such as the Quaife? I believe GTA will sell the 016 w/3.22 R&P without the LSD too, and this puts a trans in your car for about $3k (yes - assuming you source your own 016, but come on, you can't...