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    FS: New Audi 01X FWD transmission

    Have a 6 speed Audi 01X FWD trans here, thought it was Quattro but got it and it's FWD. This trans is the comparable to the 01E. Thinking $1000 for this would be a fair deal. email me at [email protected] if interested. Thank you
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    Audi 01X transmission

    Hi Brett, I'm sorry to come on here but I googled this transmission a whole bunch and finally got one, come to find out that it's FWD and i cannot use it, thought i'd come on here and provide it for someone that may be looking to get one at a rediculously low price. I'm sorry if I offended you...
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    Audi 01X transmission

    Hi Guys, I have an 01X here in the box, meant to get a Quattro version but was sent a fully rebuilt unit that is FWD. Do let me know if anyone is interested in this as I think can serve you well but is nothing for me. I'm located in New Jersey and you may hit me up and we'll set something...