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    CamT's build thread

    Cam, She looks, and sounds, awesome. Great attention to detail...congrats on hitting the ‘round the block’ milestone Stephen H.
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    Moving to Asheville, NC

    Thanks guys. I’m originally from Ireland, and 20 years in the heat (and flat roads) of Florida was enough for me. Looking forward to the change of seasons, and driving around the mountains - although with the rain and cold in NC already, may wait for spring!!! ust FYI, for anyone moving cars...
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    Moving to Asheville, NC

    Retired in July and moving from Tampa to Asheville this weekend. Currently waiting for a moving truck to collect my SLC (in progress) and my cobra. Any builders close to Asheville?
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    Ram lift fittings?

    I think I figured it out...the other end is 1/8 npt...
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    Ram lift fittings?

    Guys, I screwed up the threads on the black 90 degree fittings on my ramlift pro. I know the hose size is -4AN, but not sure about the other side...any help? Stephen H.
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    First Start!

    The exhaust parts I used Hangers - Resonators - Exhaust tips - Stephen H.
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    Transport options

    I also used Stewart Transport. They shipped my Factory Five Cobra some years ago, so I felt confident they could handle a component car.
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    First Start!

    Cam, I had the exhaust built at Fran's shop - they did a fabulous job. The "mufflers" are actually resonators. I'll find the part numbers for them and the tips and post them here. We played with various combination of mufflers, and found that the resonators fit perfectly. I have photos of the...
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    Jack stands vs lifts

    Cam, When I built my cobra I used jack stands, over the 3 years building I was surprised at how often I needed (or wanted) to raise the car to make it easier to work on. Remember it's not just needing to get under the car that necessitates getting it off the ground, but you'll frequently...
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    First Start

    Congrats - I started mine up today, so I know the feeling!
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    First Start!

    Started her up today...unbelievable feeling to listen to that purr!
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    GT-R ready to go

    Allan, Simply stunning... Stephen H.
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    Florida cars

    Cam, I'm in Tampa, so if you feel like a trip down I4, would love to chat and show off my build.
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    Positioning & Orientation of MAF

    Thanks guys, I'll get a new tube...guess it was overly optimistic to pray that someone would post a "no problem, I've done the same thing hundreds of times and it works better than the factory recommended positioning"
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    Positioning & Orientation of MAF

    Put this down to the enthusiasm of building over reading instructions... I installed the MAF last weekend on the Allan recommended air intake tube (Spectre Performance Air Intake Tubes 97291 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing), and was very happy that I was smart enough to...
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    Vintage Air/Chevy of the 40's heat/Trinary switch wiring help

    Pete, Thanks for the feedback, and will add a switch into the system as suggested. I did check the circuit for the invert module, and thankfully it is there. Thanks again Stephen H.
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    Vintage Air/Chevy of the 40's heat/Trinary switch wiring help

    I know this topic has been raised many times, but I'm looking for help/confirmation/corrections on my wiring diagram for the A/C-heat etc. Does the attached look correct? Thanks in advance for help... Stephen H.
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    SLC in Florida

    Yup, I'm in Tampa (in the Westchase area)...
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    Florida SL-C owners

    A.J. I'm in Tampa and would be happy to show you my progress. Let me know if you'll be in Tampa for long enough to stop by. Stephen Hackett
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    Recommendations on shop crane

    Thanks for the advice guys, will step up to the 2 ton so I can have the option of doing things from the back or side...