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    Back of dash pictures

    some pictures of the back of dash used different sized connectors to make connections simpler
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    F1 in 2011

    the new said his hand had almost been severed and he would be out for the whole season or maybe end his career in f1 that would be a real shame to a fantastic driver
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    any room left

    just recieved an email from a friend and thought i would share its contents from the australian prime minister A must read and pass on! This guy could teach our politicians a few things on how to run a country. Australian Prime Minister does it again!! This man should be...
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    Ford granada driveshaft retaining nuts

    jason pm me we stock them at work and can jiffy a couple to you their about £3 each a cv joint stockest supplies them from a company called amk their part numbers if it helps are nn48 (r/h) and nn47 (l/h) chris
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    Newark Kit Car Show

    john saw your car on saturday it looked fantastic hope you dont mind me posting a picture of it on the fourm another car i saw that i was amazed by was another ford a gt500 replica made from a humble sierra car just had to post a few pictures i originally thought it was a real one and not a copy...
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    gulf flares - availability

    i own a tornado ts40 and i am looking to put gulf flares on my kit i can get flares from tornado direct but wondered if anyone else did them? located in the uk many thanks chris
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    CV joints GTD/UN transaxle

    fred not sure if this is what your looking for but carbuildersolutions has drive shaft adaptors from renault un1 to ford hardy spicer joint website is the page is DRIVE SHAFT ADAPTERS RENAULT FORD DSA hope this helps i think andy at tornado does them as well as chris cole...
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    Is this for real?

    cool u tube film thanks for sharing were do you guys find them lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    looking for a couple of old tyres

    hi guys a bit of a long shot but does anyone have a couple of old tyres so i can try fit my rims on the car and check tyre sizes not bothered about condition and happy to either collect if local to leicester uk or pay courier collection sizes i'm looking for are 295/40*17 and 315/40*17 also...
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    Finish Strong

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    F1 2009

    bring back dc to race again, maybe i should start a campaign. nah i'll paint the lounge wall again. sometimes more interesting than the racing.
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    my new exhaust

    thanks guys for all your help so far i have an even bigger grin on my face now started her up today all i can say is wow!!!!!!!!!! now i understand why some people go on about the exhaust note. karl the exhaust took just over a week to make up at jp exhausts dropped it off on a friday lunch time...
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    my new exhaust

    yes just polished stainless steel straight from the factory i have not run the engine up yet to put any heat cycles throught the exhaust, i seem to remember somebody saying to get that blued look on the pipes to wipe the exhausts down afterwards with a rag coated in wd40, can anyone confirm this...
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    my new exhaust

    got my car back today from jp exhausts just thought i would share with you the results i'm chuffed to bits with it. :-)
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    un1 clutch slave problems

    thanks frank is the sleve avaliable as a kit for that i could purchase from you or would i need to purchase a complete slave cylinder from you would you be able to provide prices if possible many thanks chris
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    un1 clutch slave problems

    hi guys i,m trying to get my clutch slave cylinder to clear the clutch but having problems. i have a renault 21 un1-13 box and a standard renault clutch slave cylinder and willwood clutch master cylinder, running 1/4 bore solid clutch pipe but no matter what i do i can't seem to get the clutch...
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    engine number???

    thanks jimmy, jac, and mike for all your help chris
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    engine number???

    i'm trying to insure my kit but need the engine number from the rear of the block unfortunatley part of it is obsured what i think it says is "dca 00 a76661" the casting number is ok a "d9ae 6015 bd 17" does the engine number make sence to anyone or does any one know a good site to try and...
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    GT40 SS Door Tounges

    any chance of a picture of them?
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    oil pressure switch tread size

    thanks guys been off line for a coulpe of days having just had the hard drive wiped with a trojan virus but back up and running now many thanks