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    Engine for my 1972 Holden HQ 1 Tonner [Australia]

    Why not use an LS motor? I'm not sure about the compatibility between the newer chev(y) motors and the older Holden motors, but I assume if you want a BBC an LS would work too. It seems that there are a lot of those engines there, so it may also be easier to get parts (Even in California getting...
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    Torque wrench spec strips threads

    I recently had the same problem with stripping out intake manifold bolt threads. When it happened I thought I had lost a cylinder head....Fortunately the bolts I had were simple too short. As an exercise in overkill I got some grade 8 5/16 course all-thread and cut it into studs. Now I am...
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    Taking History Back From the Liberal's Lies.

    That video has the events of American history completely wrong. When Thomas Jefferson said that all men were created equal he was not talking about equality between slaves and citizens. He was, in fact, talking about how the English were using their colonies to make money at the expense of the...
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    Stupid stupid stupid!

    To Howard Jones, There are several Islamic countries, and for the first about 200 years of our nation they did nothing to us. So why now, when a terrible person who calls himself a pastor burns a Holy Book, do these people get so angry and kill the forces OCCUPYING THEIR COUNTRY? I believe it...
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    I'd like to reply as I do have a real insight into this issue. I am an American who is currently living in Germany; a multicultural country that seems to be doing fine. There are complaints and issues with immigration (as with every country), though I have never seen any issues of violence...
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    "Vive La France"

    For anyone who thinks this war is NOT about oil...think again! Why is the "West" not stepping up to help the protesters in Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, or the other middle eastern states? Simple their governments are either stable enough keep relative control of the situation (Bahrain, now...
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    What in the hell is wrong with my engine??

    Looks like the same engine I've got in my mustang. The GT40x 302 right? Anyways your gaskets look the same as mine. I recently tore the engine down (no problems at the time though) but I got the fel-pro intake gaskets with the steel sandwiched between the gasket material they are much better...
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    Democrats what is wrong with you?

    That is a very cool graph. Its interesting to note how Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2 have all significantly increased the national debt. Not to be un-noticed is Obama's contribution to the national debt, though it does appear to be tapering off as compared to what he inherited from Bush 2. Now back...
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    Democrats what is wrong with you?

    Jim, to further your point, I've heard that Wisconsin was on the path to actually having a surplus this year until their newly elected governor gave huge tax cuts to multinational corporations. To Veek, Those contributions were completely necessary. As we can see the newly elected Republican...
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    Democrats what is wrong with you?

    Hi Jim, Yes, I am somewhat of a new poster, but have been lingering around this site for quite some time now. I saw this thread, and felt it necessary to voice myself. I am in Santa Barbara at the moment, but soon I'm off to live in Germany again. Unfortunately there are very few gt40s there...
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    Democrats what is wrong with you?

    There is a lot wrong with Democrats (I used to be one, not anymore) but this is not one of them. Finally, Democrats are standing up for their constituency. This move can be likened to a filibuster, its a delay of the process of government until the other side will make concessions or at least...
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    Good, inexpensive track day car.

    I am heavily considering a Miata...There were many on the day I went out, and looked to be quite quick. Any other choices? My buddy has an s2000 that seems well sorted.
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    Good, inexpensive track day car.

    I did my first track day (in a street car) this past weekend and had an amazing time. Though it did surprisingly well, I was forced to realize that my 67 mustang would give my nerves far too much of a workout to take to the track on a regular basis as it was my first car. The mustang is far from...
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    European honeymoon advice please

    I'm an American living in Munich so I can give you some advice about it. First off, if you don't have reservations for Munich in the early part of October forget it. Oktoberfest is crazy here and you will not able to stay anywhere in the area unless you made reservations about a year ago...
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    CAM help

    You could also try out a company called AFM (Anderson Ford Motorsport). they have a line of cams called Hi Rev cams, that are supposed to be able to rev north of 6500 rpm with hydraulic roller lifters. Now they are more into 5.0 mustangs but I am sure they could grind something good for you too...
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    Biessman XLR-917

    Bill, Thanks a lot for the link.
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    Wild Drummer

    I think this one is the best: YouTube - korean drummer rocks out
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    Biessman XLR-917

    This build is very cool, and I like the idea for using two subaru engines. I see that your using the corvette suspension, do you mind if I ask where you found the suspension attachment points?
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    Hello GT40's

    I've been lurking around this site for quite some time and am thoroughly impressed with some of the builds. There is a lot of talent on this site, and I really have to site the scratch built cars are very impressive. Not to say that the ground up GT40's are not, though. Ive been a Ford guy for a...