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    New Member from South Africa

    Hallo Hennie. Ek is in Roodepoort,Johannesburg.So ongelukkig bietjie vêr van jou,maar ons kan privaat kommunikeer.Ek het jou al my nommer gestuur op 'n vorige privaat boodskap.Jy weet nie van nog projekte wat rondstaan nie.Ek soek nog steeds.Groete. Johan
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    Please help id this gt40

    Pretty sure it's a KCC body, with an altered chassis and suspension, and not the original suspension that was used in the earlier KCC Suspension,which comprised of Granada and Cortina suspension.Maybe an earlier Africa 40 build or as was mentioned, a Botha build.However,it's a good starting...
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    New Member from South Africa

    Thank you Brian,much appreciated.I'm sure I am at the right place to learn and explore....
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    New Member from South Africa

    Hi all, just a short note to introduce myself.Currently don't have a GT40,planning to get one oneday,if the luck strikes. GT40's are like hens teeth in South Africa,if you looking for a project.I do have other classics to play with in the meantime, including a Superformance Cobra with a 427 FE...