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    SLC noise

    I don't think It takes much, on the race cars I Usually just spray some wd-40 on all the hiem's and it works very well. I dont think it's a long term solution we do it prepping for events and while were competing between races.......m
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    Lower from turn signal covers

    Mark Clapp is still around and doing them like Rene has said and does a great job............m
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    Show us your GT40!

    kva mk-1
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    Show us your GT40!

    In front of the shop
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    GT40 mkii Top of Radiator.

    could only find a picture of the mk-4 nose but it shows how we seal up the front to only allow the air to travel thru the radiator
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    GT40 mkii Top of Radiator.

    We make a cardboard template and form a piece out of 50 thousands aluminum it is then attached to the radiator core lip with nut-certs and rides against the fiberglass angled forward[towards the front] so air pressure pushes it to the body. I do the same on all of the cobra roadster front ends...
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    Upper Ball Joint ?

    I would have to look for a part number but they are gm/chevy truck..................m
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    source for door windows

    Mark Clapp contact information is 816-286-6982
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    source for door windows

    Mark Clap is the guy. I can get his number if you need the information. side windows headlight covers he's the one........m
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    mk2a rear scoops

    I have an original with the clear plexi lid, I would have to see which car its from. what were they looking at or what was its purpose? continuation/replicas don't have a clear len's/window. I have not found the answer to this yet even between the larry miller collection and the Shelby American...
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    Converting RHD SLC to LHD

    Kyle I have a left hand dash available for you if you want to remain in the stock configuration.......m
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    Does anyone make a MK3 nose and tail section?

    I still have never seen anyone. I think the market would be small, and the amount of money that goes into making molds makes it unlikely.
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    Alinement rig for home DYI

    Nice work as always Howard!
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    Safir GT40 "real" and some other questions?

    Hollman Moody ?
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    It run's !

    perfect, thanks guy's! got it......
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    It run's !

    The slc is up and running I do have a question on the transaxle oil. I am running red line as recommended, I filled it with four quarts thinking it was empty because when I had the plugs out for the transmission cooler lines nothing came out. Now I have seen posts that say it comes with fluid...
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    Heat shielding

    I have always used Thermo-tech part #14001 usually get it from summit racing. It comes in a 36x40 sheet. We have used this on our cobras so I seem to always keep a package of it around. Its easy to work with can be sewn with a regular sewing machine.
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    slc air filter assembly race tail

    Ed I built it all with the body installed just for that reason. things are tight back there with the race tail but no problems with clearance in the full range of movement.....m
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    slc air filter assembly race tail

    Thanks Cam for the info. I went off of the gm recommendations for a base line we will tell soon enough. I am starting the wiring either this weekend or next week, I have several other projects in the way as usual with this car but am very excited how small the punch list has become.......m
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    slc air filter assembly race tail

    a couple more things on my fabrication of this piece. The tubing is a 4'' j-bend [diesel exhaust] which is mild steel. I could not find a maf boss that was steel they were all aluminum. We flattened out the curve in it that was for the 4'' tubing took the thickness of material that we removed...