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  1. Shaun Sizen

    maintaining memory in ECU

    I think some isolators have the ability to provide a small bypass current for just that This one is what I have
  2. Shaun Sizen

    Gt40 Body

    Lee Dawson the only one I know his are first class but could be a long waiting time he is very busy I have heard
  3. Shaun Sizen


    I had mine done by the engine builders as I am of the understanding the whole lot needs balancing as a unit which would be a bugger to ship!! Where are you located?
  4. Shaun Sizen

    Southern GT Chassis #54 Build - The What Have I Done Chronicles!!

    No worries I really must update by build log!!
  5. Shaun Sizen

    Dual tank EFI set up?

    On my setup I had two LP fuel pumps feeding a swirl pot then HP to the fuel rail, my tanks had a bottom outlet for LP and a top for swirl pot return, I added a diverter valve linked to the chosen pump so when the Left pump is feeding the swirl pot the left tank gets the surplus fuel back and...
  6. Shaun Sizen

    Fire Suppression System Recommendations Please

    I just took a line off the T on the unit down each side rail behind the tanks into the engine bay I did not bother with the cockpit I have a lifeline jand held in there
  7. Shaun Sizen

    UN1 Gearbox Help

    That's an odd one, does not sound like the clutch as its seems to be working as a clutch, allows you to start with clutch down and then drive off and clutch down again. I had issue with the needle bearing on mine (it locked) but that was due to the carrier being too short so the shaft was not...
  8. Shaun Sizen

    Fire Suppression System Recommendations Please

    Didn't bother with one for that reason I think only really a concern if racing, I have my fire button on the dash and I set the control box in the drivers door pocket
  9. Shaun Sizen

    Fire Suppression System Recommendations Please

    I did 2 at the top of the engine towards the trumpets and two on the lower part of the engine for oil leaks really, swirl nozzles so the gas will disperse well, it was a Lifeline Zero system electrically operated not cheap and hope I never use it!!
  10. Shaun Sizen

    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    Thanks will check what I have, 14 I think mine is much wider than that and interesting note re the shape being on some and not others, cheers
  11. Shaun Sizen

    Southern GT #28

    It is blooming tight but your pipes look a bit longer than mine, I had the clips in the tunnel which is not great a few more inches and they would ahve been out but also doing without the floor pan on works well good call
  12. Shaun Sizen

    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    Hi Frank it's in the crank right up to the stop but think I have the bearing carrier in back to front as the needle bearing seems too far back Will check bolts good spot Cheers
  13. Shaun Sizen

    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    Quick question have I got my needle bearing carrier back to front
  14. Shaun Sizen

    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    Did you re temper them after welding?
  15. Shaun Sizen

    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    Likewise I thought they were made that way with the slope on them, could I ask one more favour, on the new one could you measure A and B in the image below? Can they be welded and tempered insitu or is it a strip dpwn job Cheers
  16. Shaun Sizen

    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    Hi Stephane Indeed I was as surprised his reputation is the guru of all things UN1 not casting aspersions just relating my issues with this box, this was now almost 3 years ago as well (its been a while in the build!!). My thoughts as well it needs to be out and checked, no point in blindly...
  17. Shaun Sizen

    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    Yep it came from Chris I know he is the guru on these boxes but I have had nothing but schoolboy errors on this one a proper Friday afternoon as they say so lost a bit of confidence...Cost a packet as well !!