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    ID of this Mk-I road car at 1968 Bryar SCCA event

    None of the above, it's 1044. Regards, Graham.
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Regards, Graham.
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    Warning lights

    Yes, sort of. It lights up when the water temperature hits a certain point, the fan must then be turned on manually. Regards, Graham.
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    Bryan Wingfield - Help Needed

    Hi David, The link doesn't appear as a link until you hover your cursor over it, that's how the forum is set up. Here it is again: Link - Bryan Wingfield Regards, Graham.
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    Bryan Wingfield - Help Needed

    Hi all, Some of you will either know or have heard of Bryan Wingfield. For many years he was custodian of the two Ford-owned GT40s 1008 and 1107 as well as looking after, and restoring countless other GT40s. He had previously owned 1009 and was responsible for running the original GT40 Owners...
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    GT40 roadster

    Not all the roadsters were fitted with a Colotti. Regards, Graham.
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    GT40 roadster

    Hi, Based on these latest photos I can tell you that this is definitely not an original roadster. All the roadsters were prototypes yet this chassis has production features which were not introduced until later. Regards, Graham.
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    GT40 roadster

    I'd need to see more photos to be absolutely 100% but at first glance that doesn't appear to be genuine. Regards, Graham.
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    Clearly not the same wheels. Regards, Graham.
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    Dual disc conversion Safir. Anyone used it?

    You can't go wrong with that package. Regards, Graham.
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    Twenty Years

    Hi all, Just checked, I'm at 21 years and 4 months! Regards, Graham.
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    GT40 Exterior Door Handles

    Thanks Markus, sorted some time ago. Regards, Graham.
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    Greenwich Concours de Sport

    Well done Ben. Regards, Graham.
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    Found this old photo.....

    Definitely Brighton Speed Trials - replica GT40. Regards, Graham.
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    steering rack - KVA MKI chassis type "C"

    Others will know better but I seem to remember that it was a Ford Cortina rack. Regards, Graham.
  16. Prototype GT40

    Prototype GT40

    GT40 Photos
  17. UK NEG 1964-467-B21.jpg

    UK NEG 1964-467-B21.jpg

    Prototype Build
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    Black Carpet Recommendations

    Most trim suppliers will send you small samples of the carpets that they stock, usually without charge. Regards, Graham.
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    Ron Bradshaw - GT40 body designer

    Hi Peter, I have messaged you. I'd love to talk to you for possible inclusion in the Ultimate GT40 Book. You are already in there with photos but you can probably help me with a lot of things. Regards, Graham.
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    Which MkIII is this one?

    You will find full details of M3/1101 aka XP130/1 in Ford GT40 Anthology by John Allen and myself. Regards, Graham.