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    T-44 Transaxle Illustrated Parts Manual

    I would second this request. Any T-44 information would be gratefully received.
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    List of Mk1 to Mk2 chassis modifications / Wanted

    David, is this a book or printed PDF you know of, or have seen,...presumably from your attached photo? It would certainly be interesting information to read.
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    NOS Jones Motrola Tachometer

    NOS Jones Motrola Mechanical Drive Tachometer. Becoming difficult to find now, especially NOS. Purchased for a MKll project, but change in direction makes it available. $350 plus shipping. Location is Florida. Shipping within North America only. Call 941-468-0433with enquires.
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  5. Jones tachometer

    Jones tachometer

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    GT40 MKl &MKll/Superformance parts

    Used Hoosiers still available also. The rears are P275/60D15 Street TDS Race Tires Fronts P225/60D15 Street TDS Race Tires $500 plus shipping. Located in Ohio. Call 330-692-8212 with inquiries
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    GT40 MKl &MKll/Superformance parts

    Wheels, seats, fire extinguisher and rear Sub frame SOLD. Engine still available. Thank you everyone!
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    GT40 MKl &MKll/Superformance parts

    Found some records pertaining to the engine. It did have a brand new crankshaft. Please adjust price to $3000. Price doesn't even cover crankshaft and machine shop work. This is a great deal for someone desiring an age correct engine! Call 330-692-8212 with inquiries
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    GT40 MKl &MKll/Superformance parts

    Also, a 289 is available The motor as far I remember is a 1963 block , it was line bored and its 20 thousands over, new pistons, rings, cam (i can't remember which cam), lifters, hydraulic lifters, roller tip rockers, rods reconditioned, newer valve covers. There is no intake, distributor...
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    WANTED - set of Halibrand rims - SuperFormance GT40

    Hi Jorgen, A set of MKll Superformance wheels are available if you're still looking. Location Ohio. $3900 with new race tires or $2400 without. Call 330-692-8212
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    GT40 MKl &MKll/Superformance parts

    Thanks David. Yes, all interested parties in any parts, please call 330-692-8212 with any questions.
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