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    Mazzei Formula 5 Rotor Turbo SLC Build Thread

    Very interesting build! Looking forward to see the progress through the stages. Here's a link to the fb SL-C owners and builder page
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    What's It Like At The Gas Station?

    You guys are hilarious. I forgot to mention it was 2 a.m. during the dream cruise weekend here in Metro Detroit.. Funny part was that the gas station wasn't busy at all until I pulled in. There was a group of people talking in the parking lot next to the gas station and I saw them running over...
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    What's It Like At The Gas Station?

    2 a.m at the gas station...
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    Raptor Pro not working

    Have you tried disconnecting you battery and re-connecting it? … or power supply connector if easily accessible. Mine stopped working, reset the battery and started working fine after.
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    Fan shroud

    Awesome John! Thanks for the info. Going to give them a call tomorrow.
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    Fan shroud

    Looking to buy a fan shroud for the factory radiator with Maradyne fan upgrades. I may possibly fab one up if I cant find one..
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    Design An Emblem?

    WOW!! Very nice Mason! I really like both of them! having one emblem on the front and one for each wheel will make it look complete:thumbsup:
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    Daniel's S85 build thread

    So I guess its been a while since Ive been on here. I checked w/ photobucket and PhotoBucket now charges $399 for third-party hosted images :veryangry:. Unfortunately,there is no way to edit all the posts w/ pictures and re-loading all the pictures on a different site would take forever. My only...
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    Daniel's S85 build thread

    So today I had the opportunity to go to RCR for a photoshoot. My car will be featured in ReinCarNation Magazine. Here are just a couple pictures I took before the shoot. Can't wait to see how Steves pictures turned out. Thanks to Fran and Steve! I had a great time!
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    Any interest in starting a Facebook group?

    I would totally join. Seems there would be a lot more conversations to be had on FB. Maybe start a Fb page just for SLC owners and also for sale page.
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    Daniel's S85 build thread

    Heres a sneak preview. Allan just finished the car and I wil be getting it next weekend. More pictures to follow once it arrives :shocked:
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    Daniel's S85 build thread

    According to Allan they are 119mm. Considering installing them? There is a write up on how to do the led conversion on the lotus forum somewhere.
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    Daniel's S85 build thread

    I'm glad to say I'm very happy I decided to go with the S85 V10 engine. The exhaust note produced by this V10 is just exhilarating! My initial plan was to use the 2jz (Toyota Supra Engine). Being familiar with the 2jz having previously owned a high hp Supra I decided the engine would be a bit...
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    SLC drivers window

    I'd be interested in one with an opening for the driver side too.
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    Daniel's S85 build thread

    Well today was an exciting day. Allan drove my SLC for the first time.. here are a couple videos. V10 SL C - YouTube SL-C with V10 first drive - YouTube Can't wait to drive it myself!!
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    Soon there will be one more SLC in Houston.

    Welcome to the club! looking forward to seeing some pictures of the chassis modifications.
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    Daniel's S85 build thread

    Thank you gents! I did think about going with Motec for the Standalone Ecu but a custom harness, many more hours in custom wiring and additional tuning was out of the question. Having a proven direct plug and play setup (other than about 20 wires) was the best and easiest route for me to take...
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    Rumbles SLC Build

    Congratulations! That's a great accomplishment!
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    Daniel's S85 build thread

    As some of you know the car is currently in Connecticut with Allan getting some major work done. Allan just finished painting the body and is currently working on making a custom center console for the gated R8 shifter. I got really lucky one night when I was browsing for a R8 shifter...
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    Stuck Brake Calipers?

    So was it the main rear calipers or the E-brake calipers? I noticed if the e-brake mounting holes are not dilled/tapped perfectly the pads will contact on a slight angle.