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    Hello from Northern California

    I am in central Oregon-Have a n in process GT-R. Health is preventing progress. Call if interested 541-549-9905 Ed Johnson
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    Hello from Northern California

    I am in central Oregon and have a GT-R partially done Health is in the way of finishing it. Call if interested Ed Johnson 541-540-9905
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    Any GT-R builds near Portland OR

    I am in Sisters--Give me a call 541-549-9905 Ed Johnson
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    Re-introduction: Alan's RCR 40

    Hi Alan-I live in Sisters and I am building a GT-R. Would like to talk to you. Please give me a call 541-549-9905 Ed Johnson
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    Superlite GT-R Fog Lights/Turn Signals

    Hi Guys --Count me in if you come up with somthing--Thanks
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    Fuel Tank Connections

    Hi Mark--Mine did not come with a return ,so I had to add one. If you are looking at the car from the rear--the fuel pick up bung on your right would be to feed the lift pump. A call to RCR may be in order.
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    Hi Luke I got mine--and it is great. Give me a call 541-549-9905 Oregon Ed
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    Hello all....

    Hi- Ed Johnson here-I have just started to build a GT replica from RCR. Feel free to give me a call 541-549-9905 I'm in Oregon That would give you something to do.
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    05 06 gt reproduction body

    Call RCR and talk to Fran or Vickie
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    LBC Build Log - Apex

    That would be me
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    Mark's GT-R Build

    Hi Mark-Welcome to the fold--That is a great man cave--nice job. I sent you a PM.
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    I have used several--they work great
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    Doubtful--I don't do well on the computer
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    Hi Henry--I am in Sisters--my GT-R should be shipped in 3-4 weeks--Give me a call--541-549-9905. Always open to a fellow car person, a ford coyote is slatted for this project.
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    Coyote Intake Manifold Reversal?

    Check out--Rentos GT-Forte GT40 Coyote Thread-than go to page 3. There are pictures showing the procedure. Good luck ,I am doing the same thing.
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    Another Sad Loss

    A great tribute to a fine lady-Thank you
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    Oil restrictors for Dart block

    The reason we restrict both front and rear is for safety-if one gets pluged . How is your gt-r coming-I got some pics from Fran -they look great.
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    Oil restrictors for Dart block

    Is your motor -solid lifters or hydraulic? If solid .060 restriction front and back is fine. On our race motors we also add 2 #6 oil return lines from the bottom edge of the heads down to the pan. I can explain more if you call.
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    Oil restrictors for Dart block

    I have some experience with external pumps and restriction --give me a call if you wish. Ed Johnson 541-549-9905 Oregon
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    F Y I --Kennedy has produced a bellhousing to mate a Coyote to a ZF transaxle drilled for both Pantera and GT 40 mount.