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    New Holman Moody GT40s, What's going on?

    I wouldnt say that's entirely correct, since the original Mk2' chassis tubs were made by Abbey panels (not tennant) and FAV shipped the tub numerous other parts as a kit to the US for assembly, clearly not the case with these cars. Still a lovely thing though
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    I would buy one of these. Beautifully made and not expensive gt40 Tornado And Gtd Kit Car X-Over Exhaust Systems With S.V.A Silencers | Stock | Tony Law Exhausts
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    Fitting a sniper efi

    Strongly advise you don't go for Efi that is self learning. I had nightmares with a similar Fitech system. Fueling is straight forward , i used a low pressure facet feeding into a swirlpot with a high pressure pump inside. The long and short of it is, you need a perfect sealing exhaust and a...
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    Quaife Transaxle Questions

    reverse, second and fourth gear are toward the front of the car as pictured. Obviously reverse is fully anti clockwise on the selector when viewed from the rear as per your photo.
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    The P68 and the Honker

    Yes, same designer , len bailey
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    Tornado TS40 'evolution'

    Great work andy
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    Electric water pump and digital controller question

    I have the pump up front like your's and the sensor in the radiator pipes up front also. i have an additional water temperature gauge in the manifold and its very close to the pump sensor reading. I would say put the sensor where its most conveniant it will make little difference. I also have...
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    SPF 2366 Build

    Very nice work. Yes when you do the install yourself you discover lots of horrors that you just wouldn't do yourself. Another area worth foam filling is the main bulkhead. The large circular holes leak into the cockpit, i filled this with closed cell foam and my cockpit stays quite cool. Other...
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    SPF - Wheel bearing advise required

    Yes , the fact they have apparently failed after so few miles would indicate to me an issue with the tolerances on hub or spline, would you agree ?
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    SPF - Wheel bearing advise required

    Thanks Brian, where did you get the 50.8 dimension, is there a drawing of the axle tolerances somewhere ?
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    SPF - Wheel bearing advise required

    I was looking at the sleeves Bill on this thread: Sprocket hubs failure | GT40s . I havent seen anyone fit normal bearings only larger taper bearings. Would be a better solution though.
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    SPF - Wheel bearing advise required

    Hi JP. Yes i think i found the number of the bearing on an earlier thread. I can replace the bearing, but i think the chances of a fault with the bearing are quite low, and much more likely to be a faulty with the design or the machining of the hub or shaft. I think whilst i go to the trouble...
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    SPF - Wheel bearing advise required

    Hi All , yes i know this is an old subject but really after some advise how to proceed to with a problem i have with my 800 mile old SPF mk1 (2020). So the symptoms are the usual , the front end has a rotational knock from the front hubs evident at very slow speed and turning. Strangely the...
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    Advice Please, Which Order for Sealant Drilling & Pop Rivets

    I personally would not use rivets on any panel that isn't load bearing. Just not necessary with todays bonding agents that are so powerful you can't remove them afterward. I would consider also having some panels easy removeable for access, so would use rivnut panels onto closed cell foam strips...
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    Show us your GT40!

    Superformance P2378
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    Need new exhaust for ERA Mark I

    Not sure where you are dave but Tony law exhausts ltd in the UK supplied a mild steel version of the Original mk1 design for my Superformance and cost only about £800. Looks perfect and i had it coated to prevent corrosion.
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    QBE62G Not available for the foreseeable

    I would think its would be a big worry to Superformance and CAV, i heard its almost impossible to get an RBT transmission, so how could you complete a car ?
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    Fitech 30003 on a 302

    I had one and had terrible problems, eventually went back to a Holley carb. The Holley Sniper gets equal criticism in the various US forums. The problem is "self learning" is a bit of myth and to get them to work you need it set up on a Dyno. You have to set target AFR's for the system to...
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    Electric water pump and digital controller question

    Yes i have the EWP150 and digital controller. It works extremely well, very efficient. I also bought the water pump blanking plate/casting that they sell for the windsor engine which made it very neat. Not sure if they do a coyote one but worth checking. At first i did without a digital...
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    Two GT40 Only Races UK 2021

    cant wait , ill be there!