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    Changes made to a MKII GT40 Superformance

    New roller. More work than you’d imagine when you buy one
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    Changes made to a MKII GT40 Superformance

    Specs Vehicle details: Superformance MKII Engine: Shelby FE 427 Side oiler, stroked to 482ci, aluminium block and heads. Block internal specs: 4340 Steel crank with forged H-beam rods, Arias pistons, Shelby aluminium 356 T6 CNC machined Cylinder head specs:Aluminium medium riser heads, s/s...
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    Changes made to a MKII GT40 Superformance

    Hey everyone. I thought you might be interested in the work that has gone into completing a Superformance GT40. The work we completed was due to it being necessary, by choice, or required for compliance. Changes to GT40 New Door locks, and fabricate pull down handles Steering column made into...
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    Hi Fran

    Firstly, love your work and I’m glad RCR is busy. I have some questions for your 917 upgrades which were sent in an email on Feb 8, 2023 via Ric Hartnett. We have since rung and left a message on your answer phone too. Are you able to find the email and respond. I’d appreciate it. It was sent...
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    Hello from New Zealand

    Hi Gary. I was wondering whether you had received the TSC40 package yet? Cheers.
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    Hello from New Zealand

    Welcome Gary. Good to have another Kiwi here and another GT40 making its way to NZ shores. I keep a registry of GT40’s and owners in NZ only, and currently have records for 45. You’ll find some great info and clever heads in these pages.
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    NZ GT40 Register - numbers so far

    As some of you may know, I have been collecting information on all GT40's in NZ. I began this in March 2020. It's actually been very rewarding making contact with the owners. There's such a wealth of scratch-built talent here in NZ. Here is the breakdown so far Total cars = 25 Consists of...
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    Database for all GT40s in NZ

    Hi everyone. I have for a while now been compiling a list of GT40s in NZ. If you have a GT40, be it an unfinished project, a track car, or a registered car, I would love to hear from you. I’m only really after 6 items, being a name, a general area or city, MKI etc, motor, trans, and a photo if...
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    Ford GT40 Heffner GT-1000 vs Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

    A little video from youtube. Ford GT40 Heffner GT-1000 vs Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 - YouTube Foreign soundtrack. I'd be interested to know what they are saying. :thumbsup: Cam
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    Fab photo - deserves caption competition

    "I'll bet you guys $5 each these cars will be third last, second last, and last."
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    Finally a GT40!

    The car looks great and in excellent condition. Congrats on your purchase. Cam Auckland, NZ
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    Chris Amon Festival - Hampton Downs - NZ

    Just a quick message to fellow Kiwis that there will be some GT40s at Hampton Downs for the NZ Festival of Motor Racing celebrating Chris Amon. It takes place this weekend, 21-23 Jan 2011, and again on the following weekend, 28-30 Jan 2011. I reckon last year's event to celebrate Bruce...
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    Some of the people on this forum are real...

    Nice work. Looks like you owe that man a beer! PS Took my old classic truck for a run recently and it broke down when the MSD coil failed. Rang home for another and while I waited for it to arrive, there was a steady procession of people stopping and seeing if they could help. It was a...
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    Scratchbuilt 'Kiwi 40' goes racing.

    Russ and Lim Very sorry to see your pride and joy in that state. At least Russ you survived with injuries you can recover from which is, I guess, the most important thing. I wish you a speedy and full recovery. I know that everyone in this forum will be feeling for you right now and out...
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    Are our kiwi buddies OK?

    A little update: There were two aftershocks during the night last night, 5.2 and 5.4. Some buildings that were previously given the okay are now being reassessed due to the continued quakes. Seismologists have stated that traditionally the biggest aftershock is normally around 1 pt less than...
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    Are our kiwi buddies OK?

    Most of my immediate family live in Christchurch. My sister had a hole open up on her lawn, and a mountain of sand got pushed up followed by a large amount of water which flooded the backyard, then it all got sucked back again and the yard now looks relatively normal again. Weird. My heavy 6...
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    I fought the Law

    and the law won... Anyone else drive their Ford GT like this? YouTube - Cops Chase Ford GT Cam Auckland, NZ
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    The italian racing Superformance

    I think Ron that here in NZ at least, the Porsche fraternity wouldn't be seen dead with a 944 or its variant. Too cheap for their liking me thinks - which means commoners like me could afford one. The Horror...!
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    I know that I will take crap for this but...

    Chris, have you ever counted how many fingers they wave you off with. Is it five or much less than five?:wiseguy: I live in a house up a 100m long driveway that must pass about 8 houses before you make it to the road. On a Sunday morning I don't take anything out that will wake the...
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    The italian racing Superformance

    Hi Paolo Nice photos. Did you manage to get any pics of the engine bay area? I haven't seen the chassis plate in the position behind the driver as shown in the photo above. Is that normal or has the owner moved it there? Regards Cam Auckland, NZ