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    Sorry to be so late...I didn't read my messages. Do you still want my tyres size ?

    Sorry to be so late...I didn't read my messages. Do you still want my tyres size ?
  2. J

    Looking for GT40 owners in Netherland

    OK Fred, I may stop. What do you have ? jacky
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    Looking for GT40 owners in Netherland

    HI, I am editor of 427 racing magazine, a french quarterly based only on GT40s, Cobras and GT350. I am looking for owners of nice cars that I can feature in the magazine as I will travel to Amsterdam and around in march. Thank you to let me know if you are interested and to send me a few pics of...
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    How to lowered my GTD

    Hi, I changed my wheels and tyres last year (I put Avon now) and as the front tyres are a little smaller than the old ones (225 instead of 235) and the back are a little higher (295 instead of 305), the car seems to be higher on the back. I would like to lowered the back a little but I do not...
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    GT40 45th reunion at Road America

    Hi GT40 lovers...I am a french member, owner of a GTD 40. As a journalist, I will cover the event for a new magazine about GT40s and Cobras I am launching in june. I am currently looking for a ride in a GT40 during two parad laps. If one of you has an empty passenger seat, let me know ! Thank...
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    Replicas of Gurney-Westlake Valve Covers

    Hi Chris, I want a set !!! Would you email me your bank references ? Thanks. Jacky
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    Comment by 'jackymorel' in media 'Race Car Replicas'

    Probably the most accurate 1075 I ever saw ! Even the doors handles are the good ones...Nothing to say except how much...
  8. My garage...

    My garage...

    Some are replicas, some not...
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    Getting started on a 917K

    Hi, I can see that we, owners of GT40, also love 917 !! I was looking to buy one from Kraftwerkz when they decided to stop exporting it. I only have the DVD ! Regarding the engine, why do you need a 12 cylinders ? To be close to the original ? But you'll never be. It will be a replica and I...