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    AK40 Finally finished and Registered

    Proper job! Very nice indeed. So good to see AK taking an excellent product forward. Best of luck for the future.
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    KVA Chassis

    I know of someone with a new and unused KVA chassis (in the UK) is there any value in it? Simon
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    Adjustable roller rockers I/d anyone?

    Are they, didn’t know. Thanks
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    Adjustable roller rockers I/d anyone?

    I’ve never seen rockers with adjustable tips before. Can anyone identify them please?
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    302 power

    Could I reliably get 330 BHP from a 302 engine using a standard bottom end (crank rods pistons) and just an upgrading the cam, valve train/heads, intake etc? Thanks Simon
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    Change of address

    For magazine delivery, how do I change this? Simon
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    SVO heads

    The heads seem to have adjustable ends on the roller rockers…is this normal? Can this type of rocker be used with hydraulic lifters? Thanks Simon
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    SVO heads

    Thanks Bill, I will inspect before purchase. simon
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    SVO heads

    Are these good heads? Not after ultimate power.
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    My Gt40 On The Dyno - Video

    Sounds glorious! That’s a really nice state of tune. Had 330 BHP in my cobra, pokey but not too mad. I used to LOVE driving that. I’ve had cars with more power but 300-350bhp is the sweet spot for me and the way I like to enjoy my cars.
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    What’s this????

    Upon closer inspection, I see this is a substitute for the “dog bones” and yes, cheaply cheapy. it’s a ‘95 roller block, I’ve only every had experience of early 302s before Simon
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    What’s this????

    It’s got the “dog bones” underneath, I’m confused as to why this is fitted as well…
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    What’s this????

    Stripping down a 302 for rebuild (roller cam block) But apart from the “spider” which holds the lifters in place, what is the steel contraption on the lifter? See puc
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    FS USA Roller rockers SBF

    Hi David, Are these still available? Would the fit GT40 heads? And would you ship to the UK? Thank you Simon
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    FS EU Gulf rear vents

    Sorry, they came as spares with a Tornado. Always presumed that’s where they came from!
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    302 flywheel

    It’s a 157 tooth….
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    302 flywheel

    There you go
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    302 flywheel

    Will get a shot and post it thanks.
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    302 flywheel

    Can anybody tell me which of these is the correct flywheel for a 1987 302 engine please?
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    RCR GT40 Part complete build for sale UK

    Sadly, part completed projects tend to go for far less that the cost of the parts alone. By far the best way of getting a half decent return is to finish the car, that’s just the way the market works. Simon