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    Cav 1075

    Wow!!! beautiful car Angelo. Great job Ian... Hey Angelo...You might want to have a painting of that car ( and others ) I know a guy "wink wink " Paul
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    So, is that a mk11 tail or three? it appears to be longer.
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    Kiwi lotto ad,

    What a great! add...thanks for sharing
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    Sliding Down Side Glass Window

    My Lotus esprit (1977 ) has stock power windows. I think the mechanism is out of a camaro ( 70s ) My opening is fairly small and they work fine.I think they would work in a 40 as well. I was thinking of power windows for my ( yet to buy ) GT40. Nice to see someone is already "on it "
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    Dynamic wing - what do you think?

    They didn't use them at LeMans and won! $7000.00 and change. Looks cool but at that price I dunno.
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    GT40 for sale in Alberta

    I just talked to the guy ( email ) he said it was a Sabre/KVA. He purchased it ten years ago (unfinished ) from a guy in Montreal and assembled it. It has a 302 GT40 heads 915 5 spd. and a 650 holley I told him to post it on the forum, don't know if he will or not.
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    would this engine work

    Anyone looked at the new coyote 5L crate engine from Ford for there GT40?
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    Talbot Mirrorrs

    Looks just fine...does the view from this location differ much than the fender location?
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    yet another tire post...

    Personally I don't mind the look. Granted it doesn't look stock but you sure get lots of tire choices. I find it easy to "get my head " around this one. We all have our personal choices. If I could get 15s that worked well in the dry and wet that didn't cost me a second mortgage I would choose...
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    Genuine Mk1 Front Clip & Nostrils

    Re: Original Lightweight Front Clip & Twin Nostril Panel Shipping to Canada would kill me. Otherwise I would bite.
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    yet another tire post...

    With the 17" wheels you have a much larger choice of performance tires. Granted 17" are not stock for the car but if you want the performance in dry and wet conditions I think that's the way to go. At least when I'm ready to go Gt40 I'm going with the 17" wheels.
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    Yeah, I'm liking this look.Great combination
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    Once upon a time in St. Catherines, Ontario Canada

    I've seen this before...pretty cool
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    How closely did the MK11 front clip fit to the rest of the MK1 body ?
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    Yes, the one with all the photos
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    I couldn't open this file...
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    Great looking car!
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    Gullwing Door Conversion

    I thought this was all about making/ building your own dream car. If it has gull wing or scissor doors then in my opinion you should go for it.There is lots of money that goes into building these cars and it's your money do with it what you will. Just do it right!
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    What make of GT40 do you own?

    What make of GT40 do you own?
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    J. Salmon RCR-40 Build

    Love that sound, very gnarly!