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    Seat bases

    Murf, made a few years ago ! Frank
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    Southern GT FOR SALE

    We are 79, come over for a chat . Frank
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    Cape Advanced Vehicles (CAV): Current Reputation / Build Quality

    Clive, DEFINATELY talk to Geoff Taylor before jumping in any direction, he has no bias to any make and is vastly experienced in all of the options. Its only a phone call but it may save you a lot of money and frustration. Frank Catt
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    Southern GT FOR SALE

    Hi Glenn, will you still be at GWOOD tomorrow ? Frank
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    Another Bleeding Problem

    Jay, there are other important areas to deal with, give me a call if want to discuss, Frank
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    Jokes anyone? -

    Randy, can you advise on what happens in the 80s , cos thats where I am now ! ( still in the shop working )
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    Possible new owner of a Ford gt. A lot of doubts

    Ben, go to cars for sale on this forum, very high class GT 40 for sale in Spain ( Gibraltar )
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    trying to get below 103dB for Spa track day

    Ian, my design was for 103 - 105 , and these are still being used by several original GT40 race cars for testing etc, particularly at Goodwood. The other criteria was to get this performance with very little ( no ) performance loss, these are straight through but with some ingenious internals...
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    GTD40 suspension upgrade

    Howard, are you happy with the KPI angle at front ? Frank
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    SouthernGT / AK builds wheel size/offset

    Douglas, there is no one answer ! it depends on the actual suspension / hubs etc you are using , there are many different options that can be used, and SGT and AK have used several . Get it right before you buy your wheels, can be a very expensive mistake to get it wrong !
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    GT40 for Sale

    Philip, the internal support bar is removable, it was installed to meet the then current FIA rules, but two bolts and its out for road use.
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    UK Member Intro

    Paul, it is a very developed GTD.
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    UK Member Intro

    Hi, suggest you drive down the road to Hull and look at this one for ideas, Frank
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    Front upper and lower wishbones needed

    The development over a period of time has substationaly changed the originals, do your homework before jumping !
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    Uni Clutch

    Have not read the whole thing, but looks like the critical thing is the distance from the flywheel face to the thrust bearing face will be the critical decider on our cars . Frank Catt
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    Need help with an assignment: GT40 vs GTD40

    If he wants to go real, he wants right hand drive , Frank
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    Mitsuba FP-3 Fuel Pump - Can they be reconditioned.

    Jay, there is a lot of discussion on this site going back more than 20 years, and each one has some valid views. I personally do not like some of the 60s ideas, my view which I have used for most of that time is that pump is far more efficient pumping rather than sucking , and I fit a pumped...