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    Hello From Central Florida USA

    I'm also central FL, I live in Titusville. I'm currently waiting on a deluxe mk1 GT40 that I have on order with RCR, I think if you contact RCR and tell them what your plans are with the car build you'll get a lot of the information you need. I know Fran was very helpful when I contacted them...
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    New here

    I have a long time before I can own a car for 30 years, I'm only 31 lol. I got mine as a rolling shell about 5 years ago. All originality was gone so it was a really good candidate to do a custom build so I replaced everything on the car. I've had it on the road since April of last year.
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    New here

    Hey everyone, my name is Alex. I joined the forum about a month ago. I live on the East coast of Florida, and just put a deposit down on a GT40 from RCR. Super excited for this build. I have a 1967 Mustang that I completely rebuilt, nothing too crazy but more of a daily driver style car. I...