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    How to determine which make / brand GT40?

    Based on the rear sway/anti roll bar mounting it is a pre 1991 GTD.
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    Hydraulic clutch tube size?

    As I recall GTD recommended 1/4" after using 3/16" in the early cars.
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    Help to Identify a Gulf GTD.....

    Chassis number 308 built in 1992
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    GT40 on fire or how to prevent

    One look at the rear uprights tells you it is not an original. Anyone driving a car that does not have fuel lines that or rated for use with modern alcohol laden ( modern) fuels is gambling on not have fuel leaks sprayin the engine compartment - get them changed!!
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    Rubber thingy..

    GTD refered to them as "Tobbler bars" and they werer made of a grey plastic. You can probably get them from Mark Sibley - of MDA - if you can locate him. You might also try Andy Sheldon at Tornado Cars
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    Front spring rating help needed.

    My GTD weighed 2760 lbs. with a load of fuel and 180lbs. in the driverseat with Bilstein shocks i found that 350lb springs in the front and 325 lb. springs in the rear worked very well. That is use the heavier spring in the front and the lighter one in the back. Good luck.
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    Paint and Body Work on RCR Cars...

    I am quessing that you are looking at $15,000 t0 $25,000 depending on the state of the body and the level of fit you have managed. It all boils down to time
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    Construction / manufacture year?

    It depends on the Manufacturer. As an example if that were a GTD unit that number would mean it was the 221 car built and that it was done in 1990.
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    If you really follow the speed limit signs - especially those suggested for curves get the T/A's. If you enjoy spirited drives get the Avons or Yokohamas or Hankooks or etc. I started with T/A's and found myself tip toeing around the track until I switched to Hoosiers (not a street tire ).
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    Literature on GT40

    You can get the Legate book as an e-book from Barnes and Noble for about 20 dollars.
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    Need help with my GTD40 Clutch

    I had this part btreak several years back. My research found that it is a Lotus part. It was available thru SJ Sports cars in the UK. I bought mine from Bean Engineering here in California. The part number I have is A082F6231F - Good Luck in your search.
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    GTD Front Control Arms - Which bushes ?

    Try contacting Mark Sibley. He was the parts guy for GTD and is probably aware of who supplied what.
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    Clear Sealant for Headlight Lens/Covers

    If you want to have it water tight you will have to have some kind of sealing material. If you don't like the black ring try painting it the body color.
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    Is this CAV GT40 a good buy?

    The price is very good if the car is as represented and is unwracked and properly built. You need to have eyes on the unit if you are going to buy !
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    Based on the pictures you have posted I am guessing t you will spend a lot more money to turn this unit into a decent looking, road worthy unit than you could ever get from a sale.
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    GT40 replica prices

    Why not?
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to Ray, the GTD 40 Godfather .
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    GTD chassis/vin plate

    Here is a repost of the picture of the GTD plate for those who might be looking for one.