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    Favorite Cars-What Are Yours

    Chevron B6 Ginetta G4 Emma Peel's Lotus Elan (complete with Emma Peel) 970cc Cooper S Bug Eye Sprite in yellow with Minilites my 1970 S2 Lotus Europa GT40 my late brother's 1929 Model A Ford Tudor sedan hot rod
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    Classic HorsePower Scratch GT40

    Like the approach you've taken using both square/rectangular tubing combined with bonded inner and outer roof section surface skins. Think this will add some overall torsional rigidity to the chassis (compared to fiberglass-only spider) without introducing the protrusion of larger diameter roll...
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    Ray Christopher and the GTD

    Thanks for the link, Mike. A trip down memory lane. Visited Ray and Graham, several times at their Poole factory; initially to see what the GTD was all about and later to buy lots of bits and pieces during my long, 7-year build of my own version of the GT40. At that time, 1987- 97, my parents...
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    Found this old photo.....

    Seem to remember they used to run speed trials at Weston super Mare (near Bristol) on the sea-front in the 60's and 70's
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    Interesting block strength video

    I did not realize til after I bought my Volvo S40 T5 that the 5 cylinder engine design included a girdle as shown below. With the twin overhead cams and 4 valves per cylinder, they were pretty advanced for their time (mine is a 2005)
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    Interesting block strength video

    Seem to remember Janspeed in the late 70s doing something similar (girdle) to a Rover V8 motor for a TR7 they were developing for LeMans. Can't recall many details but think they eventually ran out of budget before they fully developed the car.
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    British pound vs USD - wow

    I was working in the US in 1985-87 when the Pound last reached near parity with the Greenback. As I was working for a UK firm at the time on a fixed UK Pound contract it was a painful experience. The exchange rate gyrations between the Pound and the USD at that time were really wild, along with...
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    (sorry!) Another question about brakes....

    Having reread Terry's post above, agree with his final conclusions, and would go for the larger piston bore option that Wilwood offered (hopefully still do) for the calipers. Your pedal ratio is not so different from mine (once I checked and corrected) and you will want the larger hydraulic...
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    (sorry!) Another question about brakes....

    oops just cheched my drawings; pedal ratio was 5.5:1
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    (sorry!) Another question about brakes....

    It sounds like you use the same front Wilwood calipers; 4pot Superlites but I have Wilwood Dynalites in the rear (also 4 x 1 3/8"). I use 0.625" Girling master cylinders front and rear with a pedal ratio of 4.5:1. The pedal is pretty heavy, but with your higher pedal ratio, you probably won't...
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    What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light?

    Yeah think it's a pitch you'd want to lay off :oops:
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    What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light?

    I think the short answer would be; you, the baseball and the baseball bat would be vapourized! My math is a bit rusty, but think the energy released would be in the order of 1000 times the Hiroshima bomb!
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    Ottawa gas prices this weekend are around $1.96 CDN/litre for 87. Converting to US equivalent - $5.79 USD for US gallon
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    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    Although I'm a strong believer in vaccinations, I would like to share my own recent experiences. I would preface this by saying that my observations are only based on circumstantial evidence, but by putting them on a forum, if others have experienced something similar then data points are...
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    Russian F1 GP cancelled

    Think it wasn't until mid 1944 that the first serious attempt to assassinate Hitler at the Wolf's Lair took place by an inner circle of officers. Hitler survived several earlier attempts but seemed to have the 9 lives of a cat. Putin, already paranoid, probably is taking every precaution to...
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    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    First 2 doses were Pfizer - just minor aches need the injection sight. Then had my booster 2 days ago. This time it was Moderna and they said at the clinic, that anyone over 70 would be getting a bigger dose; 0.5ml compared to 0.3ml before. By the evening I had headache, fever, joint pain in...
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    Saudi Arabian GP

    Yes indeed, Schumacher was involved in a number of sketchy incidents. Most times he got away with it, but the most blatant, I believe, was when he turned into Villeneuve in the final race of the season. Jacques had caught him by surprise to overtake him for the lead. Schumi was too late to...
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    Goodwood Revival - 2021

    How good was that?...............
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    Front uprights

    David (B) and Ryan, the uprights I''m using on mine are from a Cortina and look identical to the photo shown. When I was originally sourcing mine many years ago (from a Dutch breakers yard) I was keen to know the KPI (or rather SAI ). I made up a jig and turned down a long steel rod to fit...
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    Electric Vechicles Are Here - The world is rapidly going to S#@!

    Battery technology is evolving rapidly. Lithium-metal battery technology is one of several energy storage technologies that promise much including lower risk of igniting/fires. No doubt the risks and shortcomings of current battery technologies will be overcome in the near future. The bigger...