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    Dave Morton

    RIP Dave I had the pleasure of working with him up until his sad passing. My thoughts are with Viv and the rest of his family
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    Dave Morton - A Ressurection

    Hi all Here's some pictures of the engine mounts I've fabricated. These will bolt onto the chassis, using holes already drilled in the chassis:
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    Dave Morton - A Ressurection

    Hi Ryan Thanks! The needle is skipping at the mo. There’s a South Bend lathe that I was given, lurking near the back of my workshop, I’ll post a pic later today
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    Dave Morton - A Ressurection

    I painted the new horseshoe with etch primer, then a normal grey primer. Next, engine and box were carefully put back in place, using Mick's gearbox top crossmember as a starting point. I've measured and cut 4mm metal plate for the new engine mounts, and will post more updates and pictures as...
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    Dave Morton - A Ressurection

    And the new one welded in place:
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    Dave Morton - A Ressurection

    Then, the old rear horseshoe was removed:
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    Dave Morton - A Ressurection

    Some more pictures of progress from the first week: Engine and gearbox were removed to enable me to remove the rear horseshoe, and weld on Mick Sollis's new rear end
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    Dave Morton - A Ressurection

    Hi all, hope you're all busy building? I've been gratefully tasked with bringing Dave Mortons GTD40 back to life. The job here at Classic Car Restorations UK is to: Fit a Southern GT supplied rear chassis section and rear suspension components, and customer supplied rear uprights, hubs and...
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    Thanks for being here.

    Welcome Tom!
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    GREENHORN on the London Ring

    Hi Nick How are you getting on with your search?
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    KVA MK1 restoration

    Hi Chris How are you getting on with your restoration? I'm not too far from you, can always pop to yours and have a chat about your car?
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    Nicks Forte Scratch Build - to Stunning Mk1 GTD

    Hi Nick Again, many thanks for the opportunity to work on your '40, and for helping to give me the best possible start to my new venture. It's been an absolute pleasure mate, and I can't wait for a spin in her!
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    Nicks Forte Scratch Build - to Stunning Mk1 GTD

    Absolute pleasure to be working with you on your car Nick
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    Nicks Forte Scratch Build - to Stunning Mk1 GTD

    Glad to be of service Nick, and very pleased with the results so far
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    Loving this build thread Chuck! Lovely work. As an aside, I'm building a Mk1 GT40, and am going to finish it in the same metallic blue as yours. What paint code did you use?
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    KVA / SGT build

    Cracking work Udo! I missed LMC this year, will definitely be back there in 2020 Regards Tony
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    Aussie GT40 - on a budget (if possible)

    Looking good! Keep us all updated!
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    Tony's GT40 Mk1 build

    Hi all Not too much of an update, just some pics of front suspension/rack/column mock ups. Been using the Myford to knock up some bits and pieces for the rear suspension.
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    Southern GT #48

    Nice work Eddy Re hole spacing for the ali panels, I found, purely by chance, that 70mm worked pretty much all round
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    Anyone having issues with GT Forte?

    Sorry to hear you're having problems guys. I too own and have built up the flat pack chassis kit, and the quality has been great. What hasn't been great is the lack of business acumen on the part of DG. But here's the thing, I fully understood his shortcomings, had read all the past...