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    Superlite Aero

    Awesome videos John. That 360 out of riverside was sweet! I've only driven that configuration for a few laps. Man the car is fast through the esses. Fun stuff. Thanks for sharing.
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    Superlite Aero

    Cool. I recently joined NASA and got my provisional license last year. Haven't done much with it yet. Mostly TT and HPDEs just getting more seat time. I'd like to race in the NP class next year, at least at Thunderhill. If not NP then I will do a few more TT sessions. Hope to see you there.
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    Superlite Aero

    Awesome. How exciting. I look forward to hearing how it goes. Buttonwillow is a fun track. Technical, some fast corners. Do you plan to come up to Thunderhill? That's my home track. Would love to see the car and ask a lot of questions. lol.
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    Car show

    awesome car. looks like a superspreader event.
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    audi V10 into a slc

    There was a guy who put a BMW V10 in one. He has a build thread on the forum. Also Alan, the guy who builds SLCs, finished the car for him. I remember seeing a video on Alan's youtube channel.
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    SLC Aero: Bad Mama Jama

    Yea that holley dash is pretty slick. Beats the crap out of my AIM. I'm so jealous. lol
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    Del's Build: SLC IR/8

    I like the look. Reminds me of the Mazda 787b le mans car, orange + green.
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    Del's Build: SLC IR/8

    you could try placing a laser level where you want to see and adjust the mirror to shine the laser on your head position. just thought of it. never tried. but it might cut down a few iterations. awesome car btw.
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    SLC Hubs/ race worthy

    OT: Hi Mesa. That red doodad leaning against your battery. Could you tell me what it is and where to get one? There is one attached to a car I bought and I need the other half. Thanks, Kent
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    LCD Gauges: Version 2 Hardware Release!

    Super cool watching you put the system together and get it working. Any chance you will pick this back up?
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    LCD Gauges: Version 2 Hardware Release!

    Hi Tino, Did you do blind spot indicators in a previous dash? I seem to recall something you posted way back on the GTM forum. I'm looking for a Corvette Racing style rear view camera with blind spot indicators for a racing application.
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    Porsche 996 GT3 powered SLC recently sold

    Also, based on the comments on BAT, there is some unknown issue with the motor.
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    Introduction & Advice

    Awesome! Congratulations. I love it when a plan comes together.
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    Superlite SL-C dominates at Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

    Apparently they have different classes. The SLC won the "modern historics" class. 2017 PVGP Historics Race Entries - The new gen 5 ACR was not entered. However there was a gen 4 acrx and a couple of competition coupes. Very fast cars.
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    AMT - Automated Manual Transaxle?

    And I believe the haltech has no-lift shift programming capability built in. I followed Garry's build with interest. Pretty trick system.
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    Scotts build thread

    The rear end of the car looks awesome. Wow.
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    AMT - Automated Manual Transaxle?

    iirc Garry put a paddle shift on his slc with a mazda 3 rotor plus mendeola sequential gear box. I forget which ecu he used. I think it was Haltech.
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    Rear View Mirror SOLVED

    Drone quadcopter FPV cameras are incredible. 650-800 line resolution (or higher). Multi-channel 5.8ghz transmission to a wireless monitor. Many viewing angle options. Adjustable. Low latency. 12V compatible. And cheap. Complete setup, camera/transmitter/wireless monitor, for $100. DVR option for...
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    Pete B's Build Thread

    Agree. Looks awesome. Those wheels are tucked in really nice. Perfect.
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    Scotts build thread

    I would get the Mendeola sequential over a graz. Easy to rebuild. Way more gearing options. And the dudes support the component car market.