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    TRICO wiper motor

    Hi Yuji, Perhaps, could be useful to post some pics of your linkage and motor. I recently dismantled the whole wiper system on my GTD (but was a Lucas motor), and completely redid it (means deeply clean/grease/renew/adjust everything), changing gear ratio and now using a wider Datsun 240Z wiper...
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    Which chassis number: GT40 at Legendary Motorcar?

    Isn't 1080 "the Angola car" ? GT40 P 1080 for sale...
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    Very nice, you must be very excited to get it in your garage soon ! May I kindly ask you where did you (or the guys at CCD if you got the info) find this apparently like brand new switch fitted to this nice SW 240 fuel pump, ticking like a swiss watch... I'm crying to get such a switch in...
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    Wanted: Original style Gulf front and rear wheel spinners

    Here is what I have on my car, at all corners (not polished however)... Supplied by Southern GT in UK (back in 2012). Elliot, did you try to contact Mick Sollis at SGT ?
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    Southern GT Number 36

    Great milestone achieved ! Congrats !
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    My Lotus build

    Wow ! This gonna be a very nice engine. Love it !
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    GT40 Tail Lights

    In France, on the french Craig's list-like website, they are many of them for cheap... Here are a pair of boxed NOS Marchal lenses for $41... Feux AR neufs rouges Simca 1000, 1200S, matra djet Equipement Auto Val-d'Oise -
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    GT40 Tail Lights

    Yes, and particularly the chrome bezel on the Simca 1000 assy is kind of wedge-shaped, so that the rear face of the lens is vertical (as the body area supporting the rear light is not exactly vertical). With Fiat lenses, as their chrome bezel is a regular shaped chrome ring, the rear face of the...
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    Legendary Motorcar

    Hum, too bad :sick:... Seems no way for us, poor europeans, to have a look at that show...:thumbsdown:
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    A door question

    Maybe true for SPF, but all GTD, Tornadoes, and other RCR have fiberglass only roofs. Driving my GTD, I've never get my WS falling on my knees even with the two large cutouts in the roof !
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    A door question

    I have a tight garage, and I can strongly confirm that these f...g doors are a nightmare ! I have to crawl to be able to sneak into the cockpit or get out (and I'm a skinny guy...). I'm now in the process of rebuilding the entire cockpit of my car, dash and wiring loom, and it's really a pain...
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    GTD knock on wheels?

    I've been hit on the Le Castellet track last year. It destroyed a wheel and a tire (and ruined my paint job). I was happy to have 3 pieces wheels, as, after a careful checking, only the outer rim appeared to be damaged and had to be changed, which was not so expensive... (not to mention the...
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    GTD knock on wheels?

    I have a set of UK Image Wheel BRMs on Granada PCD adapters... Quite happy with them.
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    GTD gearing

    Final drive depens on the exact type of gearbox you have: the identification number should be on a ID plate on rear cover 369 - XX Should be 369-00 or 369-01... The 369-01 has a final drive 9x35 (3,88) The 369-00 is 8x33 (4,125) original gears ratio are : 1st : 3,36 2nd : 2,06 3rd : 1,36 4th...
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    Granada build wheels wanted UK

    Maybe it's what you're looking for ? (Don't know if it's still available...) GT40 Item Detail
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    GTD Guys!!!! M3.550mm roll pin

    Hi Howard, Just in case you couldn't find a bleeding heart to help you in Uncle Donald's country, you can try this : (as far as I've got in mind the...
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    GTD restoration project

    Congratulations !:thumbsup: Nice project, I'll follow this thread with great interest, as I'm in the process of partially redoing my own (beloved) GTD... Sure there will be nice ideas to grab ;). Waiting for the first pics of the stripped beast...
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    Very interesting, thanks Karl. Think I'm gonna try that, as I find my brake lights a little bit to weak to make me feel safe...
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    Cav gt40 for sale uk ***SOLD***

    Can somebody explain to non-UK citizens why a Q-plate is so poorly appreciated ? Is it a question of insurance ? MOT ? or only snobbery about having an age-related plate (the "my original replica is older than your bastard kit car" thing ?)