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    Thanks for the replies they are really encouraging. Clyde is quite pleased with his progress (of course NOTHING ELSE IS GETTING DONE! )He has managed to sort out his wiring with the help of the local Auto Electrician, and as regards the steering rack we are taking it into a Ford wrecker tomorrow...
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    Steering Rack

    Hi Robert, An apology from Clyde to say that he should have mentioned that it is definitely a Ford part, but from which one?? Suzanne.
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    Steering Rack

    Thanks for your reply Robert, Clyde says it is not from either an Escort or Cortina. Next question:- Do you supply the GLASS rear window for the bonnet? (over the motor). Just to add an extra snippet, as you followed the Forum on our saga, and we ended up by saying we were lucky to get any...
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    Steering Rack

    G,day there, Some will remember US, (problems with the GT40 parts from ex GTD) However we are back on track again as Clyde has made a start to re build the GT40. What he is wondering is; if anyone would know what GTD would have used as a steering rack as he cannot find anything in New Zealand to...
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    Article about RF in the paper

    On returning from a holiday in OZ,have just got to add how excited we were to see in one of the Brisbane papers an article headed "Quality's the real thing" being a write up of Roaring Forties Ford GT40.There is no need to say more as I see others have reported seeing it as well. Congratulations...
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    To All Concerned. Had we not have had to wait 12 months on our parts from GTD Supercars and all contact stopped on their part our problem would neverhave been aired on the Forum. If it wasn't for the efforts of some people on the Forum and others included we would possibly have neverachieved...
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    Caveat Emptor

    Hello there everybody, Yes it is us again, not with very joyful news unfortunately. Our parts arrived in NZ last Sunday 19th January, yippee, but not so yippee now as the shipping company in the UK will not allow them to be realeased (which we can understand) because they have not been paid for...
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    GTD Supercars

    ECSTATIC is really the only word I can best describe at the moment. Clyde will be jumping for joy, in fact I am going to put this reply on and then get him to come and read over my shoulder as he is home. Even brought a smile to my face (should I wipe half the egg of it first) We only wish...
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    GTD Supercars

    HOW DID U GUESS THAT! When our son Neil came up with 4 different addresses that was in itself hard to comprehend.
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    GTD Supercars

    You got it! We simply cannot buy any more parts for our car until we get our money back, or the already paid for ordered parts that he told us were on their way the very last contact we had with him on 25th October 2002. Which we now dont mind saying that he simply LIED big time. However we are...
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    And a HAPPY NEW YEAR from us down in little old NZ, even though we are well into it now. We will be back on our case, starting Monday 6th so will be asking for more advice? If we hadn't been put onto this amazing site, we would have still been in POO STREET! Cheers Suzanne & Clyde.
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    GTD Supercars

    Tis us again. I have sent an email off to Dave tonight about the crash and said he can post it onto the Forum if he wants, if it will work I am not too good on all this but am learning fast, if it can not be done, I will explain how it did happen later on, better get some shut eye first. Will...
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    GTD Supercars

    Just an update on where we are at, with all u good people who have replied, we do intend to take this matter further now, but we dont think this is a good time to do it, so will be onto it in the New Year and will be back for any help we can get then. Once again thanks for your interest in our...
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    GTD Supercars

    Back again, Just to tell you that the parts we are waiting on were 13,000 dollars NZ money, that was supposed to include the shipping cost as well! Clyde crashed his car that is why we are wanting the parts, very depressing to have to see it sitting in the garage for nearly a year in the state...
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    GTD Supercars

    Thanks to those who replied regarding GTD Supercars, we get the picture that they are closed down as we cannot get any response by phone, emails, or fax. So it looks like it's goodbye to our parts that were ordered and paid for way back in February! We have been led up the garden path by them...
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    GTD Supercars Treatment

    I am wondering if anyone else has had trouble with this company in obtaining parts from them. Anxiously awaiting any replies, then I can tell you why! Clyde Thompson. New Zealand.