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    How Do You Keep Your Garage Clean?

    Envy doesn't look good on me! :P
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    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    7+ Billion (and rising) people are the cause of all the problems in the world. We need to stop saving lives and let Mother Nature get on with doing what she does best; killing us. :P
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    Happy Birthday.

    Belated best wishes to you Keith.
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    Calling Old Members

    I'm still here, reading more often than posting. I had an addiction and had to attended ForumAA to preserve what little sanity I have left, which isn't much. So, Hi to you old friends. :)
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    Request for advice re Holley 4150

    Hi Mike, PV arrived safely yesterday. many thanks for your generosity. Be sure to stop by for a cold one if you're ever up near Prescott :thumbsup:
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    Request for advice re Holley 4150

    Thanks Jac I just thumbed through the documents for the car and found that the engine supplied (in 2014) was a Ford Crate motor, number M6007-X427FRT here's a link to the specs: 427 CI - 535 HP M-6007-Z427FRT | Ford Racing | Crate Motors | Crate Engines | You're right, in...
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    Request for advice re Holley 4150

    Hi Gary. I read a Holley pdf that said that one way to check if the PV has blown (without physically inspecting it) is to screw an idle adjuster all the way in, as the engine sits at idle and if the engine stops, then this means the PV is not blown. My engine did stall, so I guess the current...
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    Request for advice re Holley 4150

    Thanks again everyone. So far I have hooked up my vacuum advance canister to manifld vacuum and connected a vac gauge to establish that my vacuum at idle is 15 after tweaking the idle mixture screws, so thanks to your collective knowledge and noting Mike’s mention above re the stock 4.5 PV, I...
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    Request for advice re Holley 4150

    Thanks guys and Hi to you all. Thanks to you chaps, I will have an enjoyable weekend for sure. The car runs great, it just gases me at idle! :P Driving into the garage and parking it, leaves the place feeling like a gas chamber for hours! My den sits adjacent to the garage and the other...
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    Request for advice re Holley 4150

    Brilliant. Thanks guys. So the holes I'm seeing are not holes! Well that's a relief!! :) Thanks also for the link to the pdf, Brian. I knew you GT40 guys would come to my rescue :)
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    Request for advice re Holley 4150

    Hi everyone. It's been quite a while since I last posted on GT40s. I have just purchased a Cobra replica, with a 427ci stroked 351W in it. The car drives like a train, but I think it's running extremely rich. In trying to acquaint myself with the car/motor, I just noticed that both the...
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    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    The most hilarious thing of all, is Mankind's arrogant belief that we have a right to exist for ever and that we possess the ability to bend the Universe to our will and sole benefit. All this, whilst not even knowing for sure how we came to exist in the first place.
  14. M Paddock Politics Thread

    I just thought that. Would pop my head in here, say hi and wish you all well, before the world is switched off for good.
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    We missed a birthday!

    Happy birthday Pete :)
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    Took My Daughter To Breakfast Today In The 40!

    Superb looking and sounding 40. :)
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    So do I
  18. M Paddock Politics Thread

    Hi Bud. I agree. I should have made myself more clear. I did not mean don't vote at all. I meant vote for 'none of the above'. Spoil the ticket. Show you do care, by voting, but vote for no one. The reality is, that most folks don't bother to vote, is a fundamental part that the 'system'...
  19. M Paddock Politics Thread

    I agree with everything you've said there, Larry. Sad truth, there isn't anyone to vote for, is there, but we really shouldn't vote for Trump, just because everyone else is crap too. The answer lies in not voting for anyone. Make the Political whores have to change the entire system and their...
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    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    Is this entire Global Warming 'thing', still a 'thing'? They really ought to remove all our tax burdens for Global Warming and come up with a new harum sacrum policy to strike fear into the hearts of the foolish. Why not base it on one of Bruce Willis' films. Armageddon perhaps, or Morgan...