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  1. Hendrickx Paul

    Un1 + 302

    En France......
  2. Hendrickx Paul

    Help me identify this chassis please! KVA? Countach?

    In ZA you should be able to find the South African version of the first KVA. the KCC similar chassis and suspensions
  3. Hendrickx Paul

    Profiled self ejecting fastener

    from the tornado sports cars catalog
  4. Hendrickx Paul

    Who's attending the 2024 GT reunion? ..........
  5. Hendrickx Paul

    RCR GT40 Cinderella in France
  6. Hendrickx Paul

    Nicks Forte Scratch Build - to Stunning Mk1 GTD

    Big thx for sharing.... greetings from France Paul
  7. Hendrickx Paul

    Aircon has stopped working

    is Luke warm the evaporator valve stay's open ...
  8. Hendrickx Paul

    Aircon has stopped working

    If it is a classical type of aircon try to feel with hand as to where you have were hose pipes hot and where its get cool...or less warm most off, it could be that the dryer bottle is full, and need to be replaced ( especially when you had a leak... gas went away humid air replaced it...
  9. Hendrickx Paul

    GT40 Chassis CAD file

    those images coming from this build on this forum ...... from France
  10. Hendrickx Paul

    Girdle, cad file?
  11. Hendrickx Paul

    Lucas 608 Mirror stem
  12. Hendrickx Paul

    01E Transaxle find you pic here as where the indication/ratio is on the box itself Paul
  13. Hendrickx Paul

    Mk1 rear spoiler

    found this on the web a few years ago, not mine , hope this helps? Paul
  14. Hendrickx Paul

    New from France !

    bienvenue donc...
  15. Hendrickx Paul

    New from France !

    Bienvenue en France
  16. Hendrickx Paul

    Chassis Design

    all you need to know, to buy the needed medecin against upcoming head ache.... envoi it and best for 2024 Paul
  17. Hendrickx Paul

    Got a 1976 KVA GT40

    something to look at Paul
  18. Hendrickx Paul

    Got a 1976 KVA GT40

    Type "A" chassis. the chassis which started everything
  19. Hendrickx Paul

    The Regeneration of a Once Loved and Unique GT40

    Hi, don't go too small on alternator power, between the ewp +/-8 amps, msd ignition 7-8 amps, your radiator fans, fuel pumps, and headlights ,interior heater /demister etc.... you will have to make choices between headlights /wipers or ignition on a humid rainy day just my thinking, and...
  20. Hendrickx Paul

    AI creates poem about GT40 and Le Mans in seconds!

    In the end its only electricity..... pull the power, and it's only a dead instrument