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    Oil viscosity for Aluminum Dart block engine

    Keith Craft swears by Valvoline VR1 20W50. Mine is a similar configuration + dry sump.
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    The language of fuel injection connectors is Greek to me. Rather than fumbling around I thought it best to send it to someone that has seen a few. Fortunately a tune was loaded in the FAS computer from a similar spec build so reducing time on the dyno to fine tune the map.
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    A Kennedy adapter with attachment points to the chassis is between the bell housing and the SBF style Dart block. I machined the attachment fittings teaching myself how to use a milling machine. I'm not sure how much stronger the whole arrangement is by triangulating the attachment points to...
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    Inverted Porsche G96 modified by GBOX in the Denver, CO area. They modified the oiling, changed a ratio to suit the V8, eliminated the AWD shaft and did some other updates. Sorry you have to view it sideways. I load it right side up and the web site tips it over.
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    Those look like latches and handles sourced via Race Car Replicas.
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    Mufflers or Megaphones?

    The Mustang GT350R has two settings for the muffling, "domesticated" and "scare women and children." My switch is stuck in the SW&C mode. I dare say it can be obnoxious around town. Best to accelerate from a stop at a brisk enough pace to avoid seeing the angry faces of Prius drivers, etc...
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    New guy, planning a new weird build

    The gates are there to keep them in, not out. Visit Wyoming whenever you want Clint. You won't want to stay, the winters are too hard. Welcome aboard.
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    Flat Plane Crank Engine

    The engine mount on the GT350 consists of a cast aluminum bracket from the block, extending beyond the exhaust manifold, attached with a single bolt to a high density rubber disc about 4 inches in diameter, itself resting on the unibody. There is a dust boot covering the disc. Poking my finger...
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    Shift knob option

    And they offer a 10% military discount, active or retired.
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    I have written a book !

    Is a Hipperson one who is in tune with the latest trends in fashion or one in need of a ball/socket replacement?
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    The paddock enter ony if you have something sanitised to say.

    Hi Pete Okay, I'll bite, in the name of anarchy, regarding your interest in Americun politics. In the past I have voted for the candidate who I thought would do the least amount of damage. I voted against people. This time I want to check the box, "None of the Above." One of the...
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    Scott's RCR40 Build

    Wish I had thought of that. Dandy solution to a problem that has caused a few to pull their hair out.
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    Amazing WWII Aircraft...

    As I understand it, the P-39 was never "owned" by American fighter pilots because of its nasty stall/spin characteristics. Moving the heaviest parts to the center of inertia caused it to rapidly enter a spin when departed controlled flight, which degraded to a flat spin in short order. Think...
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    GT40 for sale

    I'll wait for the 2 for the price of 1 sale.
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    United States Navy

    Welcome aboard Christian. There are a few squids on the forum.
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    Really, seriously?

    How about naming the next attack helicopter the WOGG. Will that offend anybody? Should put suitable fear in the hearts of our nations' enemies.
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    Fatal GT40 Accident - Please tell me this is not Toms RCR GT40

    Tom represented the best our community had to offer. He was an engineer's engineer who could offer a solution to any problem presented that was enlightened and inspiring, free of charge. I considered him my chief mentor in my build. The gap left in this community by his passing will never be...
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    Adjustable pedal box mounting

    Fran at RCR offers one with the SLC label on it. Lots of travel, indexed with a spring loaded pin and can be clamped via thumb screws in a position so there is no play.
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    Widebody RCR40

    That may be a testament to their popularity as builders. It did take several months in queue but they were waiting as dimension were fired back and forth to build the dry sump to order so some of the delay was on my end. They weren't especially happy with the time spent removing a lot of metal...
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    Widebody RCR40

    I'll second Keith Craft who was recommended to me by Fran at RCR. They built me an ali Dart blocked 347 with AFR 205 heads. I shipped Lance a Dailey Engineering dry sump and a Classic Injection system; they were not critical as to what you want bolted to their build. They used FAST...