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    GT40 Presentation At Silvermere In October

    Hi Andrew, I will try to be there as early as I can - traffic permitting. Regards David Champ
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    Cadwell Park - hotel rooms.

    Apologies for the double post, as far as I am aware the room is still available, however I need to point out that this is not a track day in the normally accepted sense. It will apparently be a tightly controlled Group Test Day to show off the GT40 Enthusiasts Club cars and as a photo...
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    Cadwell Park - hotel rooms.

    Update: Now only ONE room left for the night of Tuesday (March 16th) before the GT40 Enthusiasts day at Cadwell Park.
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    Cadwell Park - hotel rooms.

    Ian O'Reilly has TWO rooms available for the night of Tuesday March 18th (the day before the Cadwell Park track day) at the Travelodge in Sleaford. This is only a short trip to Cadwell Park. Only £24 each all in. Treat yourself to a good night's rest before the big day and arrive relaxed...
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    Club GT40s at le Mans 2008

    I have posted a video onto our website of the Club GT40s rounding the corner before Tertre Rouge at the Le Mans Classic 2008. There is a small video on the welcome page and larger version inside. This is a first for the club and I hope to have more video to show in this way. The actual...
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    Le Mans Classic Photos

    I have posted a number of images I took at the LMC2008, also some from a new member Alan Wilkinson. Link to photo albums I shall add some words later.
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    Giving GT40s a bad name?

    I think I have something factual and experienced first-hand to add to this thread. Please see the video in the link below. It is from a Spa track day in 2005. I arrive upon the driver in question at Rivage at the top of the circuit. He is going relatively slowly and is off line (easily done at...
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    Fortyfication No 73

    Received mine Saturday, thanks for building the tension - must be the most anticipated issue yet. Gald it was a weekend as I immediately ran the DVD. The sound was fantastic. After a few seemingly cautious laps on he latter ones he was passing others like they were static! Great!! Thanks...
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    Calling wanabees - Fortyfication No. 71

    In years passed the GTD Car Club magazine was the yardstick for excellence, but I believe Fortyfication is the 'new' king of the heap. Brett has surpassed even his own high standards with issue 71. Contributions are on the Le Mans Classic, Lola Cars visit, Le Mans 24 hours parade...
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    GTD40 2001 Gulf Blue - Available now in UK

    Mourning Brian, Is this a Monty Python sketch - the 'Four' Amigos Roy, Chris, Ian, me and yourself :) Sorry to break up the party but I was only the fourth rat to leave! If its any consolation I am genuinely grieving at present, currently wearing black. Can't bear to go to Donington...
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    Donington coming up

    Check out our website for details of the Donington event. Also try to get a copy of Classic and Sports Car this month. Paul Walton and Tony Hunt are featured along with a full GT40 article.
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    GTD40 2001 Gulf Blue - Available now in UK

    GT40s and Cobras Paulo, I genuinely don't have a new project in mind - but I'm gonna enjoy researching the options :) I do like the look of the 289FIA but I think if I went this route I would end up wanting another 40!! I am not even thinking about a new project until my current GT40 has...
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    GTD40 2001 Gulf Blue - Available now in UK

    GTD40 Gulf Blue - now SOLD I am both pleased and sad to report that my 40 is now sold so please no more enquiries. I am sorry to part with it but how can you better the Le Mans Classic this year, fantastic – its going on a high! I know the new owner will cherish it and I am sure you will...
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    GTD40 2001 Gulf Blue - Available now in UK

    Gulf light blue with twin white stripes. Passed SVA and registered in July 2001, now with period no. plate. Approx. 11,500 miles, 12 months MoT. Ford V8 302. Eagle I-beam rods, Keith Black hypereutectic pistons. Edelbrock Performer RPM heads, intake and camshaft. 4-choke 600 cfm...
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    Visit to Lola / Chairmans BBQ

    Check out Please see some pictures and words from the Club's visit to Lola. I hope you find these interesting. When you pass through the main page please note that the Chairman's BBQ is in just over a week's time and the main bash of the year! Also...
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    Lola and car setup

    I went to the tour of the Lola works last week. Very interesting and not stupid. Something of particular interest was the 7 post setup rig. This holds the chassis down and exercises the wheels in any pattern you like to achieve the best possible suspension setup. They normally take it...
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    F1 is boring me to death!!!!

    Mass dampers Pete, they will be using the system in Budapest and Pat Symonds thinks they know of another cause for the blistering. Maybe we can see a tight finish to the year after all. Apparently Charlie Whiting declared it illegal but his own stewards (?) appealed against his decision so...
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    F1 is boring me to death!!!!

    Mass dampers Am I getting deja vu or senile dementia? A couple of years back Schumi was struggling mid season and suddenly the FIA decided that the Michelin tyres were too wide (Ferrari were of course on inferior Bridgestones at the time), result the balance changes and Schumi wins...
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    Le Mans Classic Club stand

    Please visit the website to see the position of the Club stand at the Le Mans Classic 2006. It's a really great place, close to the Ford paddock. The anticipation builds .....
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    Brian Magee in IN FLUX magazine

    In Flux Yes Brian, looks like you were on Redex :) :) You'll be relieved to see I put a paragraph on the website too!