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    SOLD - Incomplete FFR GTM For Sale

    You can email me at f r e d . b r e w e r i i i @ o u t l o o k . com or text at 9 5 4 6 4 7 2 2 4 0 As a sidebar,,, I did always plan on finishing this but when I went into negotiation with the wife for a new C8, the C7 and the GTM had to go. I secretly hope it doesn't sell but have...
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    SOLD - Incomplete FFR GTM For Sale

    FFR GTM for sale $21K firm. All parts shown less motor, motor harness and gas pedal and possibly the SpeedHut gauges. The video is 27 minutes long and I’m no Steven Spielberg but it does show most everything if you can suffer through it, LOL. Please review all the DropBox pictures as well...
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    Origional T70 Moulds??

    This came across my FB feed yesterday. They contend they are original. Lots of T70 stuff. Wrong side of pond for me LOL.
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    For Sale RCR P 4 *SOLD*

    Re: For Sale RCR P 4 Damm,,,, someone got a deal. What a beautiful car!
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    Sabre GT40 unfinished kit in S Florida USA *SOLD*

    Re: Sabre GT40 unfinished kit in S Florida USA for sale Mat,, Your just down the street from me. I'm in Plantation. This may be of some help.
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    Emergency Brake actuator

    Grant,,, I don;t have an SLC (wish I did) but have this going in my GTM. There is nothing real fancy. It's a Spal 4" Linear Actuator, a Spal window switch, a Lokar emergency brake cable kit and also the Lokar Corvette clevis kit. Make sure you order long enough e-brake cables, then...
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    Road America Lola T70 reunion

    Already have my tickets and a golf cart reserved! FIL and I will be up Friday evening. Really looking forward to this!
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    RCR At Road America For Historics??

    Thanks Fran,,, I'll keep my fingers crossed. I'd sure like to seee a coupe or of course an SLC. Ron,,, thanks for the offer but I'm afriad I need something with a roof. Thanks Fred
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    RCR At Road America For Historics??

    Fran,,, Any chance you'll be at Road America in July for the historics showing your hot rods off? Seeing as it Lola T70 weekend I was hoping you might be there as I'd sure like to see one up close. Thanks Fred
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    Was blind but now I see

    What model of the QA1 shocks are you running on the SLC? Thanks!
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    High quality switches

    These are push button billet switches,, but you can customize as you wish (color and engraving) which is pretty cool. Home «
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    +1 for a Pantera,,, Sebring 1978
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    Acceptable wheel Turning Angles??

    Bob,,,, Thanks for your thoughts. I've opted to move forward,,, but new rims with a slightly different offset may be in my future.
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    Acceptable wheel Turning Angles??

    I just finished making some new front UCA’s for my GTM as I needed more caster and camber. Overall they came out real nice and I can hit the numbers I need but I blew it somewhat as I now have some rubbing. When I approach full lock the rim will hit the front of the UCA. I’ve gone from 3...
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    Moveable pedal assembly

    Here's some food for thought... Mmmm... Brake pedal pr0n - Corvette Forum
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    Anti-sway, roll bar manufacturers?

    Ron,, I'm in the process of installing one on my GTM right now. Went with the smallest hollow 1" tube to start with,,, but choose the steel arms which was a mistake. The bar itself is quite lite,,, the arms are terribly heavy but I'll be shortening them some. Speedway Engineering's Standard...
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    EFI return - dual independent fuel tanks

    What type of valve are you using down stream of the swirl tank?? Thanks Fred
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    Porsche 966 spyder

    Here are a few I got at an HSR event in Palm Beach in Feb.
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    Corvette C5 Emergency - Parking brake qestions.

    Doug,,, First,,, are those C6 capliers??? They don't look like C5 although I don't think it matters. I'm not sure if he ships to WA,, but here in the states Gene Culley is the man to go to for new Corvette parts. See the following thread on the Corvette forums. GM Parts House April...
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    UK 908 /910 / 917 bodies

    That wouldn't be comming to South Florida would it?