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    WTB tires

    looking for 295/35 R18 without paying an arm and a leg. any ideas thanks.
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    Coyote or SBF

    personally, i would go with the coyote. if i am not mistaken it has 0 imbalance flywheel which would make it easy to adapt to any transaxle. the internal balanced engines run a lot smoother. The trend is split 50/50 as to authentic or restomod. With the Coyote you get double to triple the gas...
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    Radiator Questions

    Good morning England, I had a few questions with my radiator Ian, since I am running a reverse rotation water pump and my otter switch connection is on the left side of the radiator (driver side in America). i uploaded a photo of the actual radiator.
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    Another of the Greats Gone - RIP Dan Gurney

    i met Dan Gurney and Carroll Shelby at Hilltop raceway in the late sixties and was hooked on cars after that fun day. i missed having lunch with him two years ago in Westlake Village CA by one day and deeply regretted it. He was one of the greats and will be missed. RIP
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    GT40 experience England

    I almost quit my GT40K build today when I read you can not weigh more than 20 stone to do the GT40 drives in England. It took a while I am 6 feet 0" tall shortest of my 13 cousins in Ireland and as it turns out I am 16 Stone or stones which ever is correct. I didn't realize that the 40 could not...
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    Windshield interchange

    I had mine professionally fitted by a local glass shop. They will install after I am out of paint with frame and drive train installed. I got the windshield from Rock Auto for $185 and $80 shipping.
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    Help Identify Replica GT40

    Jim Kellison , RIP designed the GT40K like the original GT40s so it is 2 inches longer in the front than the racing GT40. i.e. 167" instead of 165". Ford shortened it before production as the car was lifting at 160 mph. The wheelbase is 95" as in the 40. The frame is square tube. The headlights...
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    Help Identify Replica GT40

    Mark , I will need a set of headlight covers about mid January for my GT40K. Save me a set I am about 10 hours from you in NW Louisiana. Interstate20 and Interstate 49. Tom
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    Radiator Questions

    thank you Ian, that helps a lot tom
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    Radiator Questions

    in the photo i have a radiator exactly like this one . i need to know what the large red screw on the right side is for and the small red screw on the top left and if it matters which side is hot and which is cold on the hoses. thanks tom
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    GT40 Kellison

    I am building a GT40 Kellison from frame up and may have a few questions along the way. I got my 65 Corvair windshield yesterday and it fits so i am on my way. I am using Porsche transaxle, Ford 302 neutral balanced engine, Porsche 911 front steering with McPherson struts and BMW 328i brakes...
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    All Things Coyote

    is the vodoo internally balanced like the coyote?