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    My day at work

    Guess who I meet while at work .... I can't wait for you to guess , Gordon Elliot White and his #9 Tassi Vatis Offy Kurtis Midget , ( They hold a world speed record at 156.902 on the salt ) Got to hear some about his carrier and hobby , He signed and let me...
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    Shocking accident scene

    have to follow with this
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    Hold my beer

    Those trucks can handle reasonable jumps , I watched one win the tuff truck competition at Monsters on the Beach in Va. Beach a few years ago . Brand new Raptor off the show room floor took the same jump the monster trucks were taking and landed like it was nothing but a dip in the road . There...
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    Boston Marathon

    Find where they work out of , there is bound to be extra stuff in their work shop , rig it all to go off when they are there . Maybe a camera and remote to get it right . Oh yah , a series of beeps and lights flashing just long enough to let them know its coming ! No trial , no jail , just boom...
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    Fiero Rebuild

    Thats really cool , I wish my kids would get interested in working on cars . I have plenty of projects going on , a Fiero/GT40 build , a'68 Cutlass I'm restoring , maintenance on my and everybody else's cars , and my daughter will come to see and ask questions , but my son only wants to go for...
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    The green thing.

    That big over-puffed fire in the sky can't even warm my butt ! Especially if I'm sitting on it in my house with the A/C blowing full blast , playing Need For Speed on my wall sized TV , drinking beer from a non-refillable bottle , and eating junk food , while waiting for the pizza to be...
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    iPad - There's an App for that!

    My Wife , who is really into Apple products , says she's getting me the app for Christmas ! I wonder if it will work on my iPhone 4
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    What are your favourite sayings?

    Sorry I was late , but F#*kn'n off takes time . Nine out of ten women are battered , I'm still eating mine plain . I immediately thought of George Carlin telling airplane fart jokes when I heard Nancy Pelosi say " we have to pass it to know whats in it " , at least I think it was her ...
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    Celebrate!! / Does the Paddock Need to Continue?

    WE all need the Paddock . Gives some a place to .... a ..... voice opinions , And others a place to have opinions about them ; I mean their opinions . Seems all good to me !
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    Unfortunately its always one or two idiots with misdirected emotions , and no self control that make life so much better for everyone else ! Case in point , my Kids tell me that starting this week all the doors to the classrooms in the schools here are locked . Other than when changing classes ...
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    Most people I know are armed to the teeth , Loaded for Bear , with a back up for Elephants ! And not all of them are nut jobs , no more than I am for having as many cars , motorcycles , tools and supplies as I do . A hobby is good ! Not the point . These same people were raised with home values...
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    Violent video games have no affect ? I remember reading about target practice and soldiers . Went something like ... WW1 , soldiers trained to shoot at bulls eye style targets , and a large percentage had trouble killing the enemy until they felt mortally in danger , i.e. didn't aim even to hit...
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    Is the right to bear arms outdated.

    Take the right to bear arms from law abiding citizens , and only criminals will have them . They have them now , and most didn't get them honestly . I know its an old argument , But locks only keep honest people honest . Look what happens now , create a no gun zone , and someone shoots it up ...
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    Windows 8 or Apple ?

    I've played with PCs , tried to build one or two , had one built - which fell prey to a 5lb hammer . My wife is a production manager and uses Mac , and now iDo . I have to work with PCs at work and am glad to get home to my mac . Windos sounds like new headaches at work .
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    Hey Dad can I borrow the car?

    Got to love track days ! Reminds me of Langley Speedway about the same time , tape the headlights , remove the hubcaps , then 2 x 2 - 5 laps drag race / self demo derby with cars that had no business being on the track . My neighbor's wife bought a '73 Mustang Mach 1 one saturday morning , and...
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    Well Tuned Engine

    What did you do with your 5 million dollar F1 car today ?
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    Jokes anyone? -

    Pete , I had a hard time reading that ! I was having convulsions , my vision kept going blurry , as my eyes teared , and I couldn't catch my breath . That was great .. Thanks Asshole !
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    Biofuel timebomb

    'till their green !
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    Expertise requested about Snap-on tools

    I've bought allot of Snap-on tools , Mac , Craftsman , etc .... could own a SPF if I had .... anyway , I have a drawer of broken tools ,that now that I'm not doing the mechanic job , is kind of hard to get replaced , Snap-on included . Have no problem at Sears .
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    Won't go away.

    O's mother was a U.S. citizen , and if in fact he was born elsewhere or did spend time on Mars , that wouldn't make him an alien . Classifying him as a God fearing , liberty loving American Patriot maybe a whole different story though