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    What Steering Rack on Tornado?

    As I remember there is a tube welded to sleeve the centre so it must just be the overall length of it.
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    What Steering Rack on Tornado?

    the rack is a modified Cortina mk4 unit.
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    Gtforte front wishbones help

    Southern GT supplied my replacement front wishbones for a Tornado chassis which as far as I know are the same geometry as the GT forte. Might be worth a chat with AK Sportscars (New owners of Southern) as they may have the jigs to make them.
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    Issue Fork/Bearing/Sleeve UN1

    Ok it should look like this with the fork/bearing out of the way...
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    Issue Fork/Bearing/Sleeve UN1

    Hi Geoffrey, need a bit more info here - your picture shows the UN1 with Tornado bellhousing / extended fork and clutch release bearing. When they are pushed back hard against the bellhousing you should have a sleeve around the input shaft that the bearing slides back and forth on. There isn't...
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    Re-Chrome and Zinc plating - UK

    I've never used these guys, just driven past their workshop.
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    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    I did once have a similar problem with the bolts that hold the bell housing onto the box that were interfering with the diff - not all of them are the same length. The other thing to check is that your driveshaft cv bolts aren't too long and catch the side case of the box too.
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    Door sealing issues at high speed? Design flaw?

    This is the same problem 40s have, air rushing over the screen creates a low pressure area above the door tops which causes lift. On a normal car with standard roof you'd never notice it. Simply lower pressure above the door than below it.
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    Renault UN1 output shaft issue

    +1 on the Quaife LSD ;-)
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    Renault UN1 output shaft issue

    i have seen play there before when the splines have some wear on them - drain the oil and then pull the adaptors, see if the diff is actually moving as it definately shouldn't.
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    Dave Morton

    RIP Dave, Say hi to Keith for us.
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    Confirming this is a UN1

    Looks like 4 speed UN1
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    Capacitance Fuel Probe / Sender

    I've got the centroid ones in my car - They have adjustment screws to calibrate with your gauges. I need to add a couple of resitors to get them within range. I'm happy with them.
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    Need help with my GTD40 Clutch

    The arm looks to me like a standard renault item.
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    Mounting UN1 upside down

    Chris Cole has his UN1 inverted but I'm not sure he visits here.
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    All the best guys
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    BRM wheel supplier

    The reason for that additional bit I suspect is so they can be drilled for 5 stub hubs as they dont allign with the 6 spokes
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    Spa Six Hours 25-29 sept 2019

    That'll be Kev ;-)
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    Spa Six Hours 25-29 sept 2019

    Yup it happened - wet the whole weekend but had a great time....
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    Coolant Flush / Replacement

    I found that with 50/50 antifreeze mix that the ally radiator slowly gets disolved - you'll get a little leak at the edges of the core that progressively gets worse. Also the inside of anything ally in the system is getting severly corroded. Swapping to the Evans waterless should stop this as...