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    Looking for a GT 40

    Rob, Cash is good, but I haven't given up! Tom
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    Looking for a GT 40

    Hi JM, yes, I still have 2002 as well as ERA 409. My wife wouldn't let me sell the "beast". Please give me a heads up on when you'll be visiting Kenny's. Maybe i'see well enough to drive the GT 40 down to the shop. Tom
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    Looking for a GT 40

    Like I said, I have an eye problem. My ERA is also a Mk !, built in 1992. So I do have an eye problem, but i don't worry about dirty glasses!
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    Looking for a GT 40

    Rob, I purchased a used ERA Mk II about five years ago , a fantastic car . . . after I got it sorted out rebuilt ZF, installed stiffer valve springs on the 302, Avon tires and more. Assistance from the guys at ERA was great. With that said, I lost my eyesight in Feb., but it's gradually coming...
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    Oil Accumulator Install

    Here's the recommended Accusump plumbing shown on page 119 of Small-Block Ford Racing Engines.
  6. Accusump Plumbing

    Accusump Plumbing

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    ZF clutch return spring

    Use one or the other, but not both as that would introduce redudantcy.
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    McLaren M8B the best race car

    I shot this photo when Bruce came into the paddock following practice at Mid Ohio during the Bruce and Denny Show weekend.
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    Could easily be one of us.

    This brings back memories of spinning through the lights at 210 at the Salt Flats. Fortunately for me, the car stayed on all four. Unlike this track, we had a lot of runoff room.
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    Book recommendations ? - building a 302

    TOM You're correct about sloppy assembly. That's why I show and detail ckecking clearances more than once coupled with any needed machining operations such as valve-to-piston clearances, bearing clearance, ring fit and on and on. Got to do that cam-timing check, too. I then show doing a...
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    Book recommendations ? - building a 302

    Hi Julian: My guess is that Amazon would be your best bet to find the book. I don't sell even my books, but have to buy them! Try this: build small block ford racing engines: Books
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    Book recommendations ? - building a 302

    Hi Julian: This one is on building small-block race engines only. Here's the discussion:
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    Kidney Needed

    Doug: I imagine the wait can be unnerving, but don't give up. And from what I've learned, matches are easier that they were due to newer anti-rejection medications. Tom
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    Kidney Needed

    Cliff and Brian: Thanks for your responses. With such interest in helping John, something should happen before long. That's my prayer, anyway. Tom
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    Kidney Needed

    Ron: Thanks for the response and information. One detail I forgot to mention is that the donor can't be older than 60, which disqualifies me. I guess that's a good news/bad news situation. Tom
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    Kidney Needed

    I just recieved a note from John Horsman, author of Racing In The Rain and John Wyer's right-hand man during the Gulf GT40, Mirage and Porsche 917 glory days of the '60's. In the note, among some car stuff, John mentioned that he is on a waiting list for a kidney transplant. His kidneys were...
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    Remember when

    Actually, we fall in the same pattern as the decline of all great nations. Scottish historian and jurist Alexander Fraser Tytler, in his book The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Empire explains: "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters...
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    Extraterrestrials - Among us or Not?

    Except for a few I worked with and one I married, no.
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    Conversion of Ford SB to dry sump - educate me

    Ron: I cover wet and dry-sump systems in detail in the SB Ford Racing Engine book. It took a lot of time to dig out all of this info and what you can do to engine internals when setting up a dry-sump system. See...
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    Fresh off the presses--Small-Block Engine Book

    John: I sure am glad your 289 started the first time you cranked it . . . as it should've. As for the SBF Racing book covering 289s, being that it's about modern racing small-block Fords, I concentrate on the new race oriented pieces. As you say, the principles are the same for all SBFs...