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    Drilling the Holes/Windows & Headlamp Covers

    Zero rake prevents the drill from sucking itself into the material being drilled, therefore damaging the Acrylic. The same needs to be done when drilling brass. You can get away with it if you have very light feed rate and crossed fingers.
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    Using Audi Quatro Transaxle (8HP55) with a V12 - Adaptors

    Also is the front diff going to take the full load? It was designed to take half the torque as it was driving just 2 of the 4 wheels.
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    Hi Laurent, The wedge plate tells a good story. The rear of the motor is higher than the front (thin end of the wedge) also the drive shafts are almost horizontal with that setup. Looks much more mechanically sympathetic for the CV joints too. Cheers, Gus.
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    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

    Done, what a lovely looking car.
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    reserve fuel tank ideas

    What about a solenoid valve, No Tee as above and a vent between the main and reserve tank. when the main tank is full open the solenoid to fill the reserve tank. If you run out, open the solenoid again releasing the fuel back into the main tank. No need for additional fuel pumps etc. On second...
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    Nice one Benjamin, a well presented timelapse vid of a very nice 40. Thanks for posting! Cheers, Gus.
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    Advice needed - charcoal canister

    Hi Troy, hows it going? Did you find a canister? Cheers, Gus.
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    Ago's scratchbuilt GT40 Mk I

    Very nice Agostino! I'm looking forward to watching this GT40 come together.
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    Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday Keith! Make sure you get your fill of birthday cake, its good for you!. The more birthday cakes you get the longer you live! Cheers, Gus.
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    Aussie RCR T70 capers

    What a Bummer Chris, I hope the damage is not as bad as it looks.
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    Roaring Forties GT40 Australia

    Hi Malcom, How did the rolling road go? What figures did you get? Cheers, Gus.
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    Roaring Forties GT40 Australia

    Hi Malcom, Welcome to the forum. I look forward to your posts. Here's to a good run on the dyno this weekend! Cheers, Gus.
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    A conundrum

    If the POM,s come to play cricket against the Aussies and the series has 5 games, how many are they going to win? ;-)
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    I'm Back!

    Winter is coming John Snow.....
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    Aussie RCR T70 capers

    Well done Flatchat.
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    For sale 2 CAVs GTs $110,000 AUD **SOLD**

    Re: For sale 2 CAVs GTs $110,000 AUD for both Thanks Troy, and good luck with moving these cars Bryan.
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    For sale 2 CAVs GTs $110,000 AUD **SOLD**

    Re: For sale 2 CAVs GTs $110,000 AUD for both Hi Bryan, Why do the cars have to be exported if all the duties have been paid on them? Surely they can be registered in WA? Can you post some pics of them please? Cheers, Gus.
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    Ozi 206 sp

    Sorry to hear that Jim, best of luck to you. I hope your intrest in cars rekindles sooner rather than later. Kind regards, Gus.
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    RF #12 "Race" Chassis

    Yep, me too, I hear there is a great photo of your GT hammering down the runway, can you post a few? Cheers, Gus.
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    Phil Watkins Gt40 Build (Race)

    Hi Phil, good luck with the build. I look forward to watching it come together. Cheers, Gus.