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    Jack lift accessori

    On the early GT40s, there's a bar in front of the radiator grill and a pair of hooks in back. The device for the jack has the opposite arrangement. It has a bar with a pair of hooks for lifting the front and extending beyond the hooks are rods on each side that go into the hooks on the rear.
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    My Shiny New Trailer

    I ended up getting a custom built, enclosed, 18' aluminum trailer. I picked it up today and then loaded my GT40 to bring it in for its annual service tomorrow. It's setup with a winch, e-track, and over the tire straps. The hatches make it easy to stand outside and attach the tie-downs. I...
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    How to load 40 in an enclosed trailer

    I just did that today and it worked for adjusting the position of the car on the trailer ramp.
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    Track rides with David Hobbs

    Despite being subscribed to some of the GT40 groups on Facebook, it still hasn't deigned to show them to me.
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    Track rides with David Hobbs

    Has anyone posted to the various GT40 groups on Facebook?
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    Master of Ceremonies for reunion: David Hobbs!

    I hadn't heard this story before, but are you referring to the amazing story about Ray Keller? BTW, this page says Hobbs finished 5th at Riverside...
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    SUPERFORMANCE GT40 Owners Manual

    Depending upon the nature of your trailer, I recommend either tire straps that go over the top of the tires (along the tread). This requires a trailer with holes in the bed of the trailer that the straps' hooks can go into so the straps are inline with the tires (I have a 30-year old Brian...
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    Fueling an SPF Mark I

    You don't need a difference in height, you just need a pipe of sufficient diameter. Eventually the two tanks will level off, you either need patience or a diameter larger pipe. The Lotus Europa has a pair of fuel tanks, one on each side of the car, located behind the seats. Each tank has a...
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    Jokes anyone? -

    Snopes has an entertaining re-butt-al for the story. Among other things, the woman at Snopes points out that if it's that cold, the audience member wouldn't have rested her bare butt against a freezing bumper for more than a second.
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    Ken Miles book

    Amazon UK has it. Shipping is probably less than £64 (In the US, MidLife Classic Cars had it for less than Amazon)
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    Ken Miles book

    It's now three copies left.
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    Jokes anyone? -

    It's also too deep for me. I found this page to provide some context (warning some of the jokes are NSWF).
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    My Gold GT40 MKIIb Is Ready For Spring.

    The overhead photos are great
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    "GT and Sports Car Project"

    A copy of it can be found here:
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    Locking Picking Lawyer's April Fools' Video

    The Locking Picking Lawyer released his traditional April Fools video today on YouTube. (slightly NSFW for puns)
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    Jokes anyone? -

    What is that thing to the right of the bed? A creeper?
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    Does anyone have any information on this car?

    "real ford gt 40 with good vin number" Including the chassis number is, rather than saying "good vin" would be informative.
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    Gt 40 steering wheel badge

    You could use one of these to make the badge. :)
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    Thanks, I'll let you know. ---Ben

    Thanks, I'll let you know. ---Ben
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    Transport from the Pacific NW to the 2024 GT40 Reunion

    I asked a "large transport company" I've used before. They could do it, but I'd be paying for exclusive use of the entire truck for the event which would not be cheap (unless I could find other people coming from New England). If I can find a place to store the car for a week or two before and...