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    The Ashes.

    Pardon, Pete?
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    Roaring Forties 105

    Jim, do you have some panels, aluminium tube, or other structural frame keeping the front clip all in shape ? Fantastic workmanship, by the way.
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    Looking for nice pictures of garages

    Hi Jim, I've been to your workshop and it was busy, but not actually a mess. Have you finished (ie. registered) that 40 yet?
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    Walther GT40? GT40 P1005

    Re: Walther GT40? Thanks for that, James. Very clearly presented.
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    Keith Baker's Southern gt on the build

    Looking really good, Keith B. I'm not sure how often your doors are on and off compared to a whore's draws; will need to do some research. Meanwhile, you get that machine's exhaust fitted.
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    Spot the 40 amongst the Candy

    Keith, you have a good eye for accessories. A few years ago my son went off to our famous Bathurst 1000 armed with a camera, but came back with photos mainly of himself with arms around the various advertising, promotion, and ra-ra girls.
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    Replica/Kit Makes GT-40 1969 REPLICA AVENGER GT

    I thought the power bulge looked very cool.
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    I wonder which chassis this car uses

    Time to get more respect for the SLC, Fran. Add 50% to the price!
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    Advice wanted

    I'm sure you have good reasons for moving, Tim, but I'm sad to see you leave Australia. There are probably more car enthusiasts, interesting cars, and all sorts of car groups and activities compared to Australia, if you can survive the weather.
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    Frank's KVA Build

    Garage?? Looks more like an aircraft hanger. Great space; I'm really jealous.
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    Happy New Year

    Totally agree with the wish, Howard. And a Happy New Year to all the GT40 tragics around the world.
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    ABS explained

    Now I can understand it!!
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    Another Christchurch quake, NZ

    Sorry to hear of yet more bad news for Christchurch. My cousin, Mark Veitch, lives in ChCh but he and his family are OK. Morale must be very low at this time. Best wishes, and hope this is the last serious quake for a long time.
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    Keith Baker's Southern gt on the build

    Whoa... "jobbies"?? You from the UK or Scotland? Oh, Kent. Anyway, the car is going to be stunning, Keith. Great work.
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    Another butthead bites it!

    I think they are used to doing what they are told to do, and expected to do, or else.
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    Ultimate present for a Bored Person!

    I like it.
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    Naked Mk 1V

    Fran looks quite solid in that photo, Jac Mac. Are we sure he's still working hard?
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    Longest distance trip in your 40?

    Richard, what are the projects you are working on to make the long journeys more enjoyable? Sorry to be nosy, but you mentioned this first.
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    2013 gt 500

    The frontal area looks rather large for 200mph.
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    Road America Lola T70 reunion

    You must be doing something right, Chris. Your picture hasn't aged at all! Back onto the thread, it is frustrating to read, from down under, of the great events, drives, get togethers, etc. in the USA and UK which we cannot readily get to.