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    New Cameras Spring up All Over

    For Control.
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    Nord Lock vs. saftey wire?

    They also over torqued their bolts to overcome the lack of preload, but did not for the other nuts that had the same problem (e.g. nyloc, all metal).
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    Home made seat.

    Here are a few pics
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    Home made seat.

    Using Saker now. Works great. Made my own side brackets that let seat down all the way to floor.
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    CAV - Getting The Horsepower To The Ground - Part VII

    Bottom line is get rid of most if not all plastic in the design. Flexibility in directions not intended in the joints and bushings is bad.
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    Ferrari law team strikes back

    So by that logic is a scale model (or even full size replica) of an older Ferrari ok?
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    I love Trailers...

    I have been using a MAC system in my trailer and love the flexibility. I still have big D-rings at the far ends of the trailer which I also use. The trailer sometimes carries one or two cars of different type so that the weight CG, etc. requires mounting flexibility. The MAC system is great...
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    CAV - Getting The Horsepower To The Ground - Part VII

    One way of getting the rod to work with such a small hole is to mount the upper pivot as close to the underside of the hole as possible and have the rods all clear. That is what I did. Can maintain a larger throw and still have room.
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    CAV - Getting The Horsepower To The Ground - Part VII

    That is why my rod ends go through the one plate to minimize the unsupported length. When I am in 3rd gear there is little clearance with the ball. Alignment of the system is relatively easy as I only have to get close. The rod I used is 3/4" hollow shift steering rod and bending is not an...
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    F1 is boring me to death!!!!

    Might make the race more interesting??
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    GT40 Apparel

    A forum member once had a site which had some good stuff. I purchased several things from him at the time and they have held up well. A shame he is not still around.
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    F1 is boring me to death!!!!

    Sounds more like an aero device then the spring mass damper of last year.
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    CAV - Getting The Horsepower To The Ground - Part VII

    The one Ross uses function exactly like mine. Different support methods.
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    CAV - Getting The Horsepower To The Ground - Part VII

    As you can see I used the steering shaft plate mount ball bearings to the alum plates as well as a similar mount near the engine compartment bulkhead. I have a total of three shafts. First joint at the bulkhead next near the starter.
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    CAV - Getting The Horsepower To The Ground - Part VII

    An alternative method of actuation is where the handle directly rotates the shaft and the fore/aft motion is controlled with a rod end. There is a u-joint welded to the shift rod and a rod end at the bottom. Plate structure is aluminium and the shift rod is a fine 1/2" all thread. This allows...
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    Reason for differences between MkI and II front end?

    Mk II's also included a roll cage not present on the Mk I.
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    Aerodynamic Data for GT40s

    Hi Mark. Good work. Let me say that it is in my opinion that the best concepts I have seen (similar to the New GT, and by Mark) are to use a front splitter, sides skirts and a rear diffuser. They are what is needed to get the aero better on the car without greatly affecting the looks. That...
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    Alloy Blocks

    You can check the Dart site for specs including weight. From my memory you are looking at 190 lbs for a cast iron block (351) and about 95 for an alum (351).
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    Aerodynamic Data for GT40s

    I ordered from Amazon a couple of days ago.
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    ZFQ new proposed GT40 transaxle

    I have compiled and posted a gear chart that looks at a large array of transmissions and car combos. Link here: All of the high torque V-8 cars on the market have tall gearing in 5th/6th gear. Look at the Ford GT and Saleen S7. The Saleen was the fastest tested...